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Maxine Waters Loves The LGBTQ Community!

Maxine Waters Loves The LGBTQ Community!

She Announces She’s One Of Us!

“Reclaiming my time!” C’mon, you know you’ve recited it in your head a few times. Hell, you may have even heard the remix for the clubs. Yep, it’s spoken from the mouth of California’s Democratic congresswoman, Maxine Waters. Waters has quickly became a millennial sensation with her no-nonsense attitude. There are plenty of memes and gifs with her over it faces. She’s not only fighting for the greater good, but is also marketing herself for a long career in politics. She’s a face we’ll be seeing more and more of throughout history. If she wasn’t close to your heart before; that’s about to change.

According to NBC News, on Wednesday, Waters spoke at the Victory Institute’s International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in Washington, DC. She was a keynote speaker, addressing our community and how none of us should be supporting Donald Trump:

“Under this president, we're all at risk and under assault. I will be with you in the fights ahead. I'm in it. I have a long relationship in fighting for equality and justice for the LGBTQ community. I'm part of the LGBTQ community, and I'm someone that can be counted on. [Donald Trump] cannot be trusted. He must be impeached.”

We love you, Auntie Waters!! Especially with the political climate, it is so refreshing to know there is someone involved in politics that has our backs!



Is she aware that Mike Pence becomes president when Trump is impeached?

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