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'Mean Bros' Show Their Support For Hillary In 4 Way Call.

In an effort to bring a little humor to the polarizing United States Presidential race, Bros4Hillary has sucked the essence out of "Mean Girls" and given it back to us in bro form. 


In this hilarious spoof of the now-infamous four-way call scene from the 2004 cult classic comedy "Mean Girls," the Bros are confronted with Donald Trump's surging poll numbers in Ohio and the very real possibility that he might be come president. Little do they know that the answers to their worries lie right at their fingertips. -





"Holy mother of Lebron James!"

Thanks Marc Saltarelli for this short flick "Mean Bros."   It was funny, but so correct. 

We can't just wish it.  Action needs to happen.  Take for example the two images below from the Human Rights Campaign portraying the 2012 votes for president.  We as a a group have the power to sway a presidential election. The question is, will we? Click images for larger views.



We need to vote. And if you are interested in helping the Mean Bros., text BROS to 47246, or visit to join The Official Bros4Hillary Call Team sponsored by HillaryForAmerica.


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"Mean Bros"

Written and Produced by Alex Mohajer and Daniel Fusselman
Directed and Edited by Marc Saltarelli

Starring Adrian J Anchondo, Rance Collins, Alex Mohajer, Daniel O'Reilly, Nachelle Davis, and featuring the voice of Brian Normoyle

Special thanks to Diego Borghello, Kaivan Shroff, Nelson Melegrito, Maria Cruz Lee, Sara Khaloghli, and of course Hillary Rodham Clinton and Hillary for America.