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Meet The Butt-tastic Nightwing Statue You Never Knew You Wanted

Get ready for the hot 3D Nightwing statue you might not have realized you wanted.

New York Comic-Con has come and gone, but the spoils from the event are still coming out.

Yes, there’s plenty of wonderful shots of hot guys in cosplay, and there’s also plenty of great merch that didn’t get sold out at the event or were just announced there.

One such collectible is an oh so delectable Nightwing statue.

Many fans of many properties love to collect statues of their favorite characters as a way of having their own version of them, and any fan of Nightwing would be lucky to have this statue.

Last year, Japanese toymaker Kotobukiya announced that it would be rolling out a collection of statues called Ikemen (meaning “handsome men” in Japanese).

The statues would be in the style of their Bishoujo collection which has statues of many different female characters from a plethora of Japanese comic books (manga,) anime, and American comics from DC and Marvel.

In both collections, not only are the statues lifelike, but they are more for the sex appeal than for the factual body proportion aspect.

But again, we’re here for Nightwing. The former Robin has been known in the comic book world as the male hero who gets the most sexualized like female heroes. His butt is on full display in multiple comic panels and boy what a butt it is.

Don’t believe us? Check out some pictures down below.  

h/t: NewNowNext