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Meet Gay Secret Agent Jayson Bend!

​Bend. Jayson Bend.

Meet gay super-spy Jayson Bend, also known as 009 (oh really??)! Our Brit secret agent is the central figure of Jayson Bend: Queen and Country a new short film that will open the Iris Prize Festival in Cardiff, UK in October. 

Check out the trailer! 

The film stars Davis Brooks as Jayson Bend and was directed by Matt Carter from a screenplay by Andrew Faure.

Would you like to see Jayson Bend: Queen and Country, Instincters? (And do you think 009 prefers it shaken or stirred?)

Image Source (H/T: The Backlot)


Looks like it's more fun than Bond I guess we can hope it crosses the pond. 

"coming soon."...  yes, i bet he is.

Heh! Bring it, laddies! How wonderful someone's taking the piss. (In the Brit sense, you pervs.)

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