Meet The Sexy Men Of "Bad Apple Boylesque"

Unicorn Booty recently caught up with the sexy men of New York's "Bad Apple Boylesque." 

They write:

Justin Heim (Apollo Dioni) and Bradford Wakefield (Don Chipotle) established the troupe in 2015 after coming to New York City from North and South Dakota respectively. Struggling to find their place in the overwhelmingly competitive landscape, one memorable conversation during a drunken night sparked an idea for the two dreamers: build it yourself and they just may come.

Performing roughly every other month, the beddable boys of Bad Apple take over the stage at The Triad Theatre. The vaudeville-style venue with a proscenium and red velvet curtain is in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Steps away is where Bette Midler got her start in the baths of The Ansonia in 1970. 

Click HERE for photos, and to read the unabridged interview..

In the meantime, watch the steamy (NSFW-ish) trailer for Bad Apple Boylesque:



H/T: Unicorn Booty