Men Are Accessories In Provocative New Fashion Ad Campaign

Naked men are the ultimate accessory, it would appear.

The new fall ad campaign for women's suit maker Suistudio features chic and powerful looking women, juxtaposed with hunky nude male models.

Teen Vogue has more:

In each image lies a totally nude man. The men are almost placed as accessories in each shot: They are blurred in the background, partially cut out of the frame, or draped on the couch like a blanket. None of the men show their faces. As the women stand powerfully in belted suits, tuxedos, and the like, it’s a message of female empowerment that goes along with Suistudio’s “Not dressing men” tagline. Since women have historically been treated as props in advertising, it's powerful to see a clothing line flip gender roles, making a progressive statement in the process.


H/T: Hornet



Who is the male model?

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