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The Men Of Cornell's Vet School Take It Off!

Internists may get all the love in pop culture, but the 2014 edition of Cornell University's "Men of Vet School" calendar is filling us with puppy love for veterinarians! This preview pics from  Omega Tau Sigma's calendar alone have us barking "woof" and wanting to exchange place with Fido on the examining table.

The "Men of Vet School" calendar appears to be a Cornell tradition; this newsletter from 2010 announces the pin-up stud-ents of 2011, two of whom posed in the small-animal water therapy treadmill.


Head here to pick up 2014's calendar on Etsy!



It's quite hilarious. I am a Pet lover and have got many chances to visit veterinary doctors but i have never seen quite but when i start reading that it seems that this is quite different and unique but good to see veterinarians have their lives so they have to enjoy in a manner that they relaxes their mind after all the hard work. I appreciate you for the above interesting sharing.

where's the racial diversity - or is this just a good ol' boy thing or just another clear example of white privilege???? 

This isn't too unreasonable of a statement, though I think you're going about it a bit aggressively.  If you raised the issue of under-represented minorities in veterinary colleges across the United States, this could be an actual conversation.  However, the point you're missing out on is that Cornell University is in upstate/western New York, which you may or may not know isn't the most diverse region of the country.  Ask Tuskegee University's Vet College to throw together a calendar and you'll see plenty of people who aren't white.  Sidebar: If you ever use the phrase "good ol' boy thing" in that context in public, I hope you get punched for it.  /Sidebar

Why does there have to be racial diversity?  Bigger question, why is it the fault of white power when only white people are interested in Vet Med?  Find something else to talk about. 

Check the stats of current vet students and then ask where the diversity is.  

Def yellow shorts!

Yellow shorts fur sure!!!

PMSL My Thoughts As Well About The Yellow Shorts!!! :p

meow... =^..^=

Hello yellow shorts!

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