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Mexican Police Arrest Gay Couple For Kissing In Public

Mexican police arrested a gay couple on Sunday. Their crime? 

Sharing a kiss in public. 

Gay Star News reports:

Jorge, 24, and Alan, 26, were accused of ‘disturbing the peace’ by officers as they kissed on a street corner at around 10pm in La Paz on Sunday (20 April).

The couple claims an officer approached them, called them a homophobic slur, and ordered them to come with him to a police station.

When they refused, the policeman allegedly ‘violently’ forced them into a van and held them at the station for a few hours.

They were released after paying a fine of 300 pesos each ($23, €17).

"While we know of other cases, this is the first time something like this has happened to us," Jorge said, according to local media.

"Yes, people have shouted ugly things before, but we have never bothered the authorities.

"We were terrified. The officers who arrested us were homophobic, corrupt liars. We never bothered the public order."

Not okay. 

Considering the progress we've seen in Mexico in recent years with regards to marriage equality, this is pretty shocking.

Is this typical behavior on the part of the police in Mexico, Instincters?



I know we all can live harmoniously.

As well any comment says: this is not a typical example of what happen in Mexico when two gay men kissed each other in public. But, there is a true in this whole news, I am gay and I don't kiss in public. I so scared.

Been living as a gay foreigner for 22 years in Mexico and have never had problems for being gay. This is just abuse of power by people in uniform which happens al over the globe. How many Latins are not treated in this way in the States. That doesn't make the States a bad country there are only bad uniformed people. There are 2 million US citizens living in Mexico they wouldn't do so if they were not happy. And BTW there are enough place in the US i wouldn't kisd my boyfriend on the street. The Mexican Federal goverment has recognize same sex marriages How long for the US Federal goverment will follow

I live in Puerto Vallarta for 8 years and this is the first time I hear that such an incident happened in Mexico. Vallarta is one of the most openly gay city in the world with very high tolerance towards LGBT. In fact this last weekend the federal police were handing out flyers with an 088 numbers to report any abuse form the police and corruption. Vallarta officials are very careful about the way the LGBT community is treated. It is one of the most important tourism market and extremely protected. What happen to this couple is unfortunate and can happen when visiting less touristic places where Police are less exposed to LGBT. 

In fact the Mexican Senator recently approved a budget dedicated to the LGBT Tourism, something you don't in many country. 

This is an unfortunate experience that happened to this couple but let's not judge the entire country on this incident. They are trying really hard to make the LGBT community feel welcome and safe.

Come en enjoy this beautiful country, just don't do anything that might offend their culture and you will be fine. Remember they are very religious people.

I agree!! Thank you!

I guess this type of stuff happens in some parts of Mexico where people still hide and do not show their pride, I live in a very very small town called Jojutla in Morelos state, and our city council is pro gay. I think we as mexican and gay people should use media to show this kind of homophobic behavior and start litlte by little to gain visibility. These guys should do more than just complain and start a mini revolution, it is possible, believe me.

I´m very sorry for those guys, but I'm happy to say that this is not a representation of what happens in Mexico, as a Country. Shame on that police officer.

It is certainly much different (hmhm) here in the U.S. :))))))) 

esto ocurre porque Mexico es una país machista, la gente aún no tiene
la cultura para aceptar acciones de este tipo y tampoco tiene la
educación básica, en cuanto a los valores se refiere, para respetar.

I haven't personally experienced something like this. This was big, but indeed I've actually got warned if I ever did that again in public u would be arrested for "immoral behavior". This is Mexico eeverybody. If not the most homophobic country, is the most stupid.

It was one police officer dealing with these two men not the entire country of Mexico. To make the statement that the entire country is homophobic andthe most stupid just shows how much of an ignorant bigot you are. Your statement is the most stupid.

First, never said the entire country of Mexico. Second, never pointed that the entire country was homophobic, totally the opposite. Third, when I generalized that "people in here was stupid", I didn't mean that every single one sweetie, when I generalize I do it so the people that actually is (stupid in this case) take the blame. Whatsoever kakeboy99, "your statement is the most stupid", "ignorant bigot", one person's opinion. Not really important. Thank you.

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