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Mexico City Installed Train Station Cameras That Zoom In & Out On Men’s Butts.

Is this anti-sexual harassment we can get behind?

In a new campaign to start the conversation about sexual harassment, Mexico City has partnered with UN Women for an initiative called #NoEsDeHombres, which translates to “this isn’t manly.” Fresh off the penis seat (see video), their second initiative involves cameras that have been installed in different train stations.  The cameras are positioned to zoom in on men's asses and put them on television screens all over the station.



Is this fair treatment?  Are you going to bring some popcorn to the train station now and watch the tele?

Some of the comments from the MicMedia are interesting.  Here are 4 from ladies posting to the site:

This is not alright. This should not be about a "tit for tat". Make your point in some other fashion that stops objectifying either sex.

Filming a guy's ass is no better than checking a girl's ass. Ladies, don't go down their level, it won't solve anything. It's just going to make it more okay for guys to check out women's butt. Is that what you want? For the women that don't care to be looked at, carry on.

I don't like this ad. It's disrespectful to the men being filmed like that. I would not be happy if any man I knew was apart of this ad.

It's one thing to expose a man who's being a complete pig and exposing guys just going through the day. These "campaigns" are doing exactly what they're trying to fight against. Give me a fucking break.

And one from a male Facebook user.

An eye for an eye isn't normally the answer, but, having witnessed it firsthand more times than I can count, men who ride the Mexico City Metro are in dire and specific need of this sort of enlightenment...

What do you think Instincters? 

Fair treatment or two wrongs don't make a right?


h/t:  MicMedia




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