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Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake Join Forces On 'Love Never Felt So Good'

What do you think of "Love Never Felt So Good," the posthumous collaboration between Michael Jackson (and the very alive) Justin Timberlake??


Is it as good as you'd hoped, Instincters??


Putting JT's voice next to MJ's is offputting.  Justin is such a MJ appropriator, he sounded flat in MJ's company on the song - I get it though.  People really want JT to be the new MJ, as if we needed a new one, but hey typical Elvis move on the music industry part.  LA Reid is getting that paper, just like Quincy Jones said.  I was surprised they released it letting JT sound like that though since he's the chosen and all.

also, I get the Janet grudge, she put him on tour, gave that mediocre group their first international platform (Velvet Rope Tour Europe), and even she gave him access to MJ at one point...notice after "nipplegate" MJ had nothing to do with JT, even as he became more and more popular and the money would have been right.  JT def has a record of disrespecting the artists he bites from Prince to JJ and others. I wish I was that confident (delusional?)..

It was planned from the very beginning. The costume designer even said that he had to make the left breast with velcro so that it could be ripped off with ease. It was Janet's idea to do it. Justin went along with it because that's what Janet wanted. Simple math. 

BTW - This song is really good !!

Disgraceful after how he left Janet out in the cold. He should be ashamed of himself

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I'm not 100% over that myself. Because what the Grammy heads did was the one of the biggest displays or racism and sexism ever. And Justin letting Janet Jackson take the fall was a massive void of manhood on his part. So Michael should have told Justin Timberlake to go f**k himself on the idea of a collaboration.

I try not to hold a grudge, but that was just too wrong.

So what exactly happened?

They are referring to thwe Superbowl "nipplegate" scandal in which Janet took the fall for.  As if Justin wasn't also involved....he is the one who ripped her pasty right off!

wow! love the retro feel of it. and finally a Michael and JT song with some melody!

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