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Michael Sam Drafted To NFL Team!

Congratulations to Michael Sam!! The University of Missouri football star has been drafted by the St. Louis Rams making him the first openly gay player to be drafted by the National Football League!

Updated Saturday at 4:35pm PST:

Here's video of Michael Sam's emotional reaction to receiving the news (and sharing a kiss with his boyfriend on ESPN!)! Awesome!

From USA Today

The Rams drafted defensive end Michael Sam, who came out publicly in February, with the 249th pick Saturday, ending months of speculation to when – or if – Sam would hear his name called in the draft.


"For Michael, it's a little bit of relief that it's over, and you can finally say you're part of the NFL family. That is a dream come true for so many football players. That's a realization that all his hard work has paid off," gay former NFL player Wade Davis, the executive director of the You Can Play Project, told USA TODAY Sports. "Now he can really start to focus on his new journey."

There will be a lot of celebrating in St. Louis tonight!! (We think we'll do some too!!) 

Congrats, Michael!!!


I don't get what the fuzz is all about. It's just a normal kiss. Gay or straight; it's just a kiss. Who cares?

Michael I am proud of you !!!!

and that kiss is normal when you love each other !!!

Sooo phony! His white boyfriend is only with his sorry nigger as for the money!

Kevdobbins35205 - oh.. still surfing the gay sites are we sir? I think you just need to come out! Your hate of yourself will end.. finally.

It is amazing that just one kiss can rattle the chains of every racist and homophobe in the USA.

Atleast this guy is smart enough to realize at a young age that being within his own race is a fast road straight to nowere! Good to see a nigger trying to better himself with a white than dating another sorry, worthless black.

Nothing worse than a queer nigger!

Michael; We are with you, 100 per cent.  I am from New York, therefore a Jets fan.  But, if you and your teammates take the Rams to the Super Bowl, I will be on your side.  

I am so proud of you and admire your courage. You are and your partner are beautiful!

I feel like I need an unlimited amount of wealth to be happy. I would love to deal with loads of money like this but is it actually worth it?

it just bought tears to my eyes....i'm very proud of him

congrats sir

Congratulations, Michael!

History in the making !

Congratulations to Michael Sam!   It is a great day for the Gay Community also.   We have a role model in the NFL.   I hope that he has a great career with the Rams.

baaaaaby i know he fucking that boy down got him a lil bottom boy i wonder how long its gonna last lol but i'm happy for him fo rmaking history he'll go far

Roland - grow up. Learn how to be a bit more educated in your comments.

What are you talking about? They have been together for a few years and are both from the same

Congrats on winning and keep the faith ull be a great football player:).   (Clapping my hands) 

Andy Cohen's hometown...seems appropriate to me...perhaps he will be a guest on WWHL :) 

Go Michael! I will be rooting for you! Stay strong!

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