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Michael Sam Responds To Lobbyist Who Wants To Ban Gays From NFL

Michael Sam effortlessly smacked down Jack Burkman, the Washington lobbyist who's currently drafting legislation to ban gay players from the NFL.

So how did Michael respond to Burkman's efforts? Check out his tweet!

...And Michael wins. 


(H/T: Towleroad)


Jack Burkman is using Michael Sam to earn his stripes in the conservative community - so he can get more clients.  This is pure marketing ploy - what an asshat.

This GOP lobbyist needs to just go away. He's making an ass of himself. If this is what he considers an issue so important that the congress should be wasting their time even discussing it, then he has no business being a lobbyist in the first place. In fact, can we just ban ALL lobbyists? As long as their has been football and the NFL, gays have been in it. GET OVER IT!

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