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Michael Sam Sacks Cleveland Browns QB Twice As He Fights For Roster Spot

Michael Sam, the openly gay defensive end who's currently fighting for a spot on the St. Louis Rams roster had a very good night last night, sacking much talked about Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel not once, but twice in their preseason game!!

Sam flashed Manziel's signature "Show Me The Money" finger rub after the sack! Get it, Michael!!

We'll know on August 30 whether Michael Sam officially makes the roster, but it looks like he's making a strong case for himself!


Please no sports updates here! He is an NFL player, he did his job. No story here. Next!

I think that he has earned a spot. Give him league minimum. Sign him for one year. The amount of press this will generate along with the amount of merchandise that the Rams will sell will more than cover the cost of the contract. If he improves and gets some sacks, then great, renew. If not, then you gave the chance during the regular season. 

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