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Michele Bachmann Is "Sorry" That AZ Gov. Brewer Vetoed "Gay Segregation" Bill

Michelle Bachmann reminded Americans on Wednesday that her energy would be put to better use representing tribes of Neanderthals rather than real, live modern day Homo Sapiens voters. In support of segregation, Bachmann lamented the failure of Arizona's notorious attempt to further legalize the refusal of goods and services to the LGBT community, telling The Fine Print that she's "sorry" Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the Jim Crow-admiring legislation. 

“I believe that tolerance is a two-way street, and we need to respect everyone's rights, including the rights of people who have sincerely held religious beliefs,” Rep. Bachmann said.

Bachmann then appeared to make a joke, though upon finishing the quote, the deadpan delivery is rings clear with her patent brand of bigotry. 

“Religious liberties and the protection of our religious liberties is right,” she said. “Right now, there's a terrible intolerance afoot in the United States, and it's against people who hold sincerely held religious beliefs.”

I'll keep the intolerance you suffer in mind as I hold hands with the person I love in public tonight and maniacally look over my shoulder every five seconds in fear of being attacked and/or called "faggot," Michele. 

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Let's remember this - ok? Her religion is not the ONLY religion in this country - therefore she can not violate MY first amendment right to Freedom of Religion by forcing her beliefs on me - i think its time these morons get a refresher in constitutional law - the way it was written not the way they seem to look at it and ignore important parts - but her day will come - as will these other unbelievably moronic people - i am really holding back my vocabulary right now - lol

What a stupid bitch.

Anti-American, white-hooded, Jim Crow loving, barbarian, Nazi whore.

This "BITCH" Needs To GO AWAY !!!!!!! IGNORANCE AT IT'S FINEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just think - Someday she'll be dead.  (peaceful smiles ensue)

Hopefully soon!

I'm sorry too. They are disgusting. It's not love.

I mean she's clearly not worth responding to, but you can't just say that religion is defensible grounds for doing bad things. Muslim Extremists believe all of us sinners deserve to die, do they have the right to act on that in America? So why would religions that preach intolerance of an individual's harmless way of life be able to negatively treat those people because of it? It's just a twisted ignorance. The way the Bible gets misinterpreted thousands of years later is the same way the Constitution gets misinterpreted hundreds of yeas later - they were written by people in a different time. The world evolves, we are not a stagnant species, and we need to use the foundations of these words to adapt that message to our world today. Bible = love thy neighbor. Constitution = equality. Thankfully, her generation is on the way out the door, and a far more tolerant generation will carry a just torch even brighter into the future.

Don't forget that Michele Bachmann isn't seeking reelection due to the fact that she faces damning campaign finance law violations. The fact that she lectures Americans about ethics is appalling.

There are times when an untimely death seems appropriate. 

can we not just stick a needle in theys people and euthanize them all ready 

Why is this stupid bitch getting news space?

Believe it or not, this nutjob is actually doing us a favor. She's like the perfect gay strawman.

I agree :)

She's a Twat!!!!!!

Didn't they clone her from one of Sarah Palin's toenail clippings?

She should worry about Marcus stretching out her shoes when she is off doing all these public appearances

She is trying to be relevant to her dwindling followers - pathetic woman.

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