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Michigan A.G. Says Any Marriage That Doesn't Produce Children Naturally Is Harmful To Society

Though he intended to swipe at loving same-sex couples in his state, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette also managed to disparage loving straight couples who can't have or don't want children, as well as older couples who tie the knot later in life. According to Schuette, marriage is solely about procreation. Anything else is harmful to society. It's a tired and academically inaccurate claim, but surely hurts any Michigan couple that can't produce children naturally all the same. 

As lawsuits against Michigan's ban on marriage equality wind their way up the courts and find themselves in front of Schuette, his arguments have become increasingly offensive. His latest insists that the law is in place to “regulate sexual relations between man and woman so that the unique procreative capacity of such relationships benefits rather than harms society.”

"It was commonly understood that the institution of marriage owed its very existence to society’s vital interest in responsibility to procreation and child bearing" before the historic SCOTUS ruling from earlier this year. 

I can't with this guy. 



This makes me wish his parents had not procreated to produce his sorry, ignorant ass, which is obviously filled with his empty head! This man is a complete MORONIC IDIOT and not the least bit ashamed to make that abundantly clear, not one tiny bit!

Michigan is up set that over 80% of its young people are leaving the state after graduation, they are calling it a brain drain.  Maybe if the state was not filled with hate and stupidity people would want to live there.

More evidence that the illiterate Gestapo Oppressing People (GOP) have no idea what "small government" and "mind your own business" actually means like the fascist trash they are.

I thought that Republicans were against any and all government regulations and intrusions into one's personal life.  Also, with all this unchecked procreation going on, the world will be over populated in a very short time.

Do you mean more than it already is?


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