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Mike Huckabee Is "Sad" That He "Has" To See Gay People On TV

Failed presidential candidate and bestiality expert Mike Huckabee is already upset by the existence of the LGBT, so why must he be reminded that we're real, living, human being on TV, you guys? 

RightWingWatch explains:

Mike Huckabee was joined by Concerned Women for America head Penny Nance yesterday to discuss CWA’s new campaign, Willing 2 Stand, designed to reach out to young people on their opposition to abortion rights and marriage equality. During most of the interview, Nance maintained that conservatives on college campuses were “bullied” and had trouble articulating their views on topics like gay rights.

The former governor and presidential candidate said that “every fear that people had” about the consequences of legalizing same-sex marriage “has in fact come true,” arguing that people have lost “their rights” in states with marriage equality.

Huckabee seemed especially sad that he now has to see “television commercials portraying same-sex couples” while textbooks are “forced” to mention gay marriage.

Maybe he should stick to CBS?  


Get over it bigot.

I bet he was sad too when the Civil Rights Act was enforced in the 1960's and all of those hillbillies were forced to forgo their rights to discriminate.

Well, we're sad to sad to see Mike Huckabee on TV, so I guess we're even.

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