Mike Huckabee: Trump Has The Stamina Of Three Guys Half His Age

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox & Friends to defend Donald Trump's controversial tweet, in which the president 'body slams' CNN.

From Mediaite:

When jokingly asked by co-host Pete Hegseth about how the President has time to speak with Germany and France (as Trump had tweeted earlier) instead of spending all of his time on Twitter as the “so-called mainstream media” suggest, Huckabee replied in what appeared to be in all seriousness. “Trump is an incredibly capable person who has the stamina of three guys half his age.” The only thing missing from this aside was the “Dear Leader” we typically hear in North Korea.

Huckabee added:

 “The media hates Donald Trump more than they love America.”

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Huckabee is a douche. 

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