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Mike Munich's Steamy All-Male Cover Of Kylie's 'Sexercise' Music Video

​Well this is making us rethink skipping ab day...

Mike Munich is serving up a delicious cover video of Kylie's "Sexercise" and frankly "Sexercise 2.0" is delivering everything we wanted to see! (Hint: MEN.) 

​Check out Mike and his pals in their sizzling video!

We think Kylie would approve!

Here's Kylie's original version for comparison!

What do you think, Instincters? Is Mike Munich's "Sexercise 2.0" making you work up a sweat??


Bryan Hawn's paraody is so much better.

Love itMike Munich covers it just perfect great voice awesome sexxy body very Sexxy <3

snooze...he shoulda done it in red f**kme pumps

Hot...but his voice makes me wanna VOMIT. There's nothing sexy about this video and his whole macho man attitude...I'm not buying it. I'd rather have Sacha Baron Cohen do this. At least he'd make laugh.

I wish my gym had these guys working out there, I'd get there more often! Much better than those Lunk Alarm ads for another gym chain! :-)

Watch him "box" was funny. I literally laughed out loud.

Mike is actually quite talented, ive seen him perform live at LA Pride and he can sing pretty well and can dance his ass off. As for the other boys in this video, unless you all are blind and live under a rock two of his back up dancers dance for Britney Spears in Vegas and are beautiful professional models and dancers. They are not trying hard to be sexy, they would have to try hard NOT to be sexy. Moreover, stop projecting your hate. Even Kylie uses autotune, you think she sounds like that in real life? C'mon now...

you obviously have never seen kylie in concert...just youtube it...she is insanely talented

Mike Munich's narcissistic self-promoting video that auto tune an untalented voice with vanity being the simple motive of the video? I'll pass.  

Kyle's is SO much better.  This guy is simply trying way too hard.  Kyle has a natural sexiness about her, while Munich's is incredibly forced. 

You better work bitch!

Terrible song and didn't find him attractive. 

Stop trolling, Kylie.

Mike is one sexy mofo!

Like his visuals but to her song. Though no one can compare to Kylie. Her's is sexier. 

I liked this a lot. Someone please tell Andrew Christian that this is how it's done. 

The guys have great bodies, but what to Kylie being sexy on camera is natural as for these guys they tried to hard to look sexy. loosen up boys

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