Miley Cyrus Gets Naked For Marc Jacobs

As she continues to buck/twerk her good girl Disney princess image, Miley Cyrus has moved on from doing what she wants to in the video for "We Can't Stop" to disrobing for Marc Jacobs and charity. 

Miley's posed fully nude for the Protect the Skin You're In campaign from Marc Jacobs International, a series of fashionable celebrity-sponsored tees that benefit the New York University Skin Cancer Institute. 

"@Miley Cyrus we love it, thanks so much for getting naked for charity!" tweeted Marc Jacobs Intl' early this morning.

As Gawker points out, Miley follows in the bare footsteps of Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Dita Von Teese, and Rufus Wainwright, who have also posed for the campaign.