Miley Debuts Jaw Dropping New-Look On Leaked W Magazine Cover

March is more than a month away but W Magazine doesn't care. Miley Cyrus' MTV Unplugged event will premiere tonight (including a tongues-out duet with Madonna), so now is the time to capitalize on its stunning March 2014 cover. For the issue, Ronan Farrow interviews covergirl Miley, who is leaving the Internet speechless with her sultry new longer-haired, bleached eyebrow-ed look in the leaked cover. We're taking this with a pinch of salt until it's confirmed, but if anything, it's certainly an improvement over this:

But what do you think about Miley's new look for 2014, Instincters?




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Disneyland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pamela Hymel said she was working with the health department to “provide any information and assistance we can.” coach The building, with rough concrete surfaces that seem to signify unpolished strength, was special: You could look down into its central space from every gallery; you knew where you were in relation to the whole at any point while wandering around; you never felt as though you’d entered a maze. It’s unknown what will happen to the building, said museum Director . Leaving was imperative, but for many, wrenching.
but lost out to Volkswagen and Ford. abercrombie and fitch Although many Warren students have to travel a long way to get to class, the attendance rate is 93 percent. "We treat them like college students," Shaw explains. "They are not wandering around the halls. They are here for a purpose. We had only three disciplinary issues last year." t af
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The former Pitt recruit isn't wasting any time, apparently. He's . Despite the close proximity, not all students from the middle school are expected to continue on to the engineering program at East Lake High School. Some, Huzar said, want to join the International Baccalaureate program at Palm Harbor University High School. Others will go to Tarpon Springs High School or Countryside High School. Even if they do step across the courtyard to ELHS, they still have to go through the application process, as they do with any other magnet, fundamental or career program. But Huzar said she knows the academy will give them valuable education for the future.
She gives credit to the bars and restaurants that have helped reinvigorate downtown over the last couple of decades, but says there's still a big piece missing: The anchor retail stores like the ones she used to scamper through. Something that people can't get on Airport Boulevard. "I think a Macy's would be great," she says. polo ralph lauren outlet online LAS VEGAS Smart home products, home security systems and plenty of gadgets to help improve your health were on display as International CES, the world's largest consumer electronics show, kicked off its annual event this week in Las Vegas. The official convention begins Tuesday, but companies traditionally make several big announcements to the media during preview days ahead of the show. On Sunday, chipmaker Nvidia announced a new generation of its Tegra chips and two new car computing platforms to help further research into self-driving cars that can easily recognize objects around them, such as people, dogs and even emergency vehicles. Also on the car front, Chevrolet teased the press with a very quick glimpse of the new Chevy Volt, which will get a full introduction next week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. But the early stars of the show were definitely the products and companies featured during "CES Unveiled," in which dozens of exhibitors gave guests an early feel for what will be big at the convention this year. In the spotlight for 2015? Security products of all stripes, from smart home camera systems to personal trackers and high-tech alarms for both your physical home and your home network. Cybersecurity and tracking are expected to be among the biggest stories coming out of this year's show, in light of high-profile breaches last year that have made cybersecurity a more pressing concern for average people. But while the overall mix of products was a bit more serious than in years past, there were still some really out-there gadgets on display. Here are some of the wackiest products on tap: The Melomind Stressed out? The Melomind, from a company called MyBrain, is here to help you relax. The headband measures your brain waves in the same way a standard electroencephalogram (EEG) does and then uses that information to create custom music to help you relax and decrease your stress levels. The product pairs with an app on your smartphone or tablet to play the songs the Melomind itself does not have headphones or speakers. For best results, the company said, Melomind should be used in regular sessions three to five minutes a few times a week, though 15-minute sessions are ideal. It wasn't possible to get the full effect of the Melomind's soothing powers on the show floor, unfortunately, though the unit was fairly comfortable. The headband is up for preorder for $299 MyBrain plans to the have the Melomind to U.S. retailers by the end of the year. Page 2 of 3 - The Baby Glgl This smart baby bottle comes from the French company Slow Control, which made a splash at CES 2013 with a smart-fork that makes you mind what you eat more closely. With the Baby Glgl so named to mimic the sound babies make while eating the firm is targeting parents who also want to mind how their babies are eating. The Glgl is essentially a plastic sheath equipped with an inclinometer that works to calculate the right angle for a bottle to reduce air bubbles. If the angle is too steep or too shallow, lights at the bottom of the Glgl will flash red; get the angle right, and the lights turn green. The company says it's looking to reduce symptoms of colic for bottle-fed babies a proposition that may sound welcome to anyone who's ever tried to calm a crying, gassy infant. The bottle is scheduled to come out this fall for 100 euros, which is roughly $119. The W3D gaming smartphone Snail Games is already a big name in China, but the firm isn't nearly as well known in the United States. Aiming to change that, the company is on hand to show off the W3D gaming smartphone a long, thin, Android-based device that has phone features as well as traditional game controls for serious mobile play. The concept sounds like one Sony tried unsuccessfully to pull off with the Xperia Play, which featured PlayStation-style controls on a panel that slid out from users' smartphones. But the W3D has a bit more polish than that 2011 phone and is expected to have more games at launch. It faces a tough battle in the video-game market but wins points for style. Snail was also showing off its somewhat hilariously named "OBox" console, which is also Android-based and supports both 4K and 3-D displays. Snail expects both devices to be on sale in the United States later this year; the company wasn't yet sure about pricing. The Ring The Ring is a finger-worn controller for your smartphone and other connected devices that will make you feel like a wizard. Made by a Japanese company called Logbar, this somewhat bulky piece of functional jewelry is designed to be worn on the index finger and lets users draw gestures in the air to do things such as start the music playing on their phone, take a smartphone picture or even turn the lights on and off. To use Ring, wearers have to hit a button on the side of the ring before making the gesture; the ring then communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth. The temptation to crack a "Lord of the Rings" joke is almost overwhelming, and the idea of a small universal remote that you can wear is an interesting one. But hold your horses: Ring is due to come out in March with a hefty price tag of $270. And, if you want one, you'll have to be patient. The device is already sold out, according to a representative from Logbar. Page 3 of 3 - The Axxess CE Air2 This levitating Bluetooth speaker was an early attention-getter at the show, having been nominated for the International CES 2015 Innovation award. Apart from fascinating your friends (and likely infuriating your pets), the compact speaker also can attach to your fridge if you'd prefer to have it off the base. The company promises five hours of battery life and a transmission distance of 10 meters. The company didn't list the price alongside its demo. It's probably safe to say this is more of a novelty piece than a must-have. But it looks pretty darn cool. The 3DRudder Developed by architects looking for a way to show three-dimensional space, the 3D Rudder is a virtual-reality controller that you work with your feet. The motion controller, which can be used for gaming and other virtual-reality applications, lets you navigate through a 3-D map by tilting and rotating your feet. You can also zoom in and out by putting pressure on the toe of one foot and the heel of the other. The experience is a little dizzying at first the controls on the demo unit at CES were very sensitive, making it all too easy to go into a tailspin. But once I got the hang of it, the controller was surprisingly intuitive. The 3DRudder is an Indiegogo project and is going for an early price of $110. The standard unit will be $130. It is set to ship in May. q toms outlet
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A note: Vujs, who led the team in steals, assists and free throws and averaged eight points a game, is back, and Malloy, who averaged 7.5 ppg, is returning from a torn ACL from a team that lost three starters. Kevin Chamorro, Conway
Contrary to some of the criticisms of Udall's effort, a monument designation will strengthen the hand of folks like local ranchers by recognizing their role on the landscape and thus ensuring that local ranchers can confidently pass their operations on to their sons, daughters and grandchildren. coach Contact Katie Nelson at 408-920-5006 and follow her at .
"We've had waiting lists, so there is a good secondary market," Spencer said. polo ralph lauren outlet online Q: If USC and Arkansas play, who are you rooting for?
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The town is preparing a year-long programme of cultural events to mark the celebration, including an extensive exhibition of the area's history, which opens in February. Another planned event is a competition, Český Krumlov 2099, which invites local children to imagine what the town will look like in 90 years and present these visions to the public through stories, pictures, models or music. moncler outlet -So you work in the factory? t coach
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g Harding Academy added one more score to the board to put the score at 28-7 after one quarter. moncler outlet �I suggest my students use a simple mindfulness technique of diversion and distraction to stop a racing mind so they can sleep,� he says. �The reason it works is because it�s about breaking out of the worry and ?insomnia cycle. If the mind can relax, even a little bit, natural exhaustion usually takes over.� y
3 Don’t threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. coach factory But Bart Hechtman, the Garcias' attorney, said nothing forces the current board to abide by their predecessors' findings. The two sides are also arguing over whether proper environmental review was done for a project that has evolved since its inception, and whether a fitness center can be considered a supplementary use for a golf course. polo ralph lauren outlet
8 p.m. South on Main. $25-$35. polo ralph lauren Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are quite possibly music�s best May-December relationship. I wouldn�t have believed it until I heard it myself.Until now all we could do was wonder. Could it be a joke? What did Bennett see in Gaga that made him want to do it? Is it possible that, deep-down, Tony is a �little monster,� even at his age?I�ll tell you the best way to find out the answers to these questions and all the gazillion others you might have regarding their musical child. And by child, I mean their new album �Cheek To Cheek.� All you have to do is listen to it. I�ve tried to wrap myself around the idea of the album for months, but, c�mon, it�s Tony Bennett � it�s going to be good. Bennett had to see what other true music fans see in Gaga. Underneath all the glitz, glamour and odd costuming, she�s a great singer. I�ve always thought her voice was exceptional, even if you have to stomach some of the gimmicks she�s known for.�Cheek To Cheek� is a stunning example of what true artistry and classic style are all about. Both have married the concept well. Let�s not forget it was Bennett who saw fit to perform in duet with many of today�s biggest artists on both of his most recent No. 1 �Duets� albums. The guy is not dumb. Aside from the obvious shock value, this is an album full of familiar gems that warrant re-recording. Bennett, who is 88, has performed many of the songs on �Cheek To Cheek� for better than seven decades. He knows what he�s doing here. It�s Gaga who going to surprise you. She�s every bit a classy songstress as Ella Fitzgerald or Liza Minnelli for songs of this nature.I�d like to think that Bennett saw past all of Gaga�s hype to notice the voice. He must have when you hear Gaga chime in on the Cole Porter classic �Anything Goes.� It�s perfection. He brings out the softer, more delicate side of her while she updates his groove. �They All Laughed,� the Gershwin gem, is a nicely, done true-to-the-original traditional pop piece. �I Can�t Give You Anything But Love,� �Firefly,� �I Won�t Dance� and �Let�s Face The Music And Dance� are equally well-done. You might even begin to wonder if Gaga was born in the wrong generation, especially when you hear her toy with the intricate phrasing on �Lush Life� and one of my favorites on the album, �Nature Boy.� She�s awesome.Gaga will surely benefit greatly from doing this album, but it�s Bennett who will go down in the record books for this one considering he�ll be the oldest person to ever score a No. 1 and place songs on the Hot 100. Actually, he�ll only be re-writing his own record. He accomplished those milestones when his �Duets 2� hit No. 1 and the album�s single �Body And Soul� with the late Amy Winehouse was a hit three years ago.Page 2 of 2 - Bennett and Gaga are what Grammy lovers love. You can bet �Cheek To Cheek� will be the talk of the night come February.Contact David T. Farr at z coach outlet
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i want her to get that hair back :(

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