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Miley Stuns With Cover Of "Summertime Sadness"

Hate on Miley all you want, it'll still be hard to deny that her talent shines through in this BBC Live cover of Lana Del Rey's hit, "Summertime Sadness."

Heart or hate it, Instincters?




Wow - she sounds Amazin covering this :D

Strong Stevie Nicks influence in there.

She is going through the "discovering herself" phase that every one does.  The only difference is that it is blasted in the forefront of the media, she is at the same time trying to break away from the "Hannah Montana" image and it's a little later in life than most, because she hasn't been able to until now.  I believe that she has the grace and class underneath it all, to come out of this a beautiful strong classy woman!! (not to mention her incredible voice!)

Miley you are so talented. No need for the dog and pony show, it just distracts from your incredible voice and your true beauty.

I love her, she did justice for this song and every song,, her voice is like an angell singing

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