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Miley Tweets Gay Community Support In New Marc Jacobs T-Shirt

She's just being Miley! And she's showing the gay community some love once again!

Check out the Marc Jacobs tee that Miley's sporting (and tweeting):

We love--and we'll even look past the tongue in the photo!


(H/T: NNNext)



All I can think of is what's wrong with his/her nose in the picture ;o.

We are all ignorant, Jared Hylton, just some more then others. If you haven't caught on, the needs of the higher class gay community are the only ones being heard. So no. I, or we wont respect her or anyone who does not see beyond the TV screen. Not every gay individual is concerned with having kids or getting married, its really the least of our worries. The majority of us (LGBT) want to be and feel safe in our homes, jobs, schools, and neighborhoods. We are sick of being emotionally and physically abused, and I AM done respecting people that don't respect us all! 

I just can't take her seriously

But you can respect her for respecting you.  Don't be ignorant.

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