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Miley's Raciest Stunt To Date: Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson

Miley continued her successful, chart-topping strategy of pushing the envelope today with her raciest stunt to date: a very revealing photoshoot with famed photog Terry Richardson.

How long until Billy Ray appears on CNN defending today's showing of areola and an amazing Brazilian wax as "world changing"? 

Head to Terry's blog if you want to see Miley kick the controversy up a notch (NSFW). 


oh boy ,another slutty tramp who thinks she better than Madonna.  you better get a pump dear, your clit is not big to start off with.   Not a good role model - I guess why Liam' dumped ya!

Gag! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Again, she is trying to deflect her lack of talent...

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