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'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger Refuses To Believe Bisexuals Exist

It's 2014. You would think that someone as involved in the dating scene as Bravo reality star Patti Stanger would have experienced a personal evolution on the existence of bisexuals. 

But nope. 

While answering questions from fans back stage before an appearance on Bethenny, the "Millionaire Matchmaker" acted as if that Times Square NYE Ball hasn't dropped in two decades. 

Check out Patti's answer when asked if she'd ever consider marrying a bisexual man:



(Via Boy Culture)


Stanger is right.  Sleeping with a gay man is the highest risk to women for catching a serious or fatal STD.  25% of new HIV infections are in mostly-hetero women who are sleeping with a closeted gay male.  Either you are gay or you are not gay.   If you are not gay then you are not a man who sleeps with other men, and Stanger does not have a problem with you.

CDC reports consistently prove that gay men have the highest risk for catching and spreading serious or fatal STD's.   That is reality.  You might not like reality, but it will catch up to you sooner or later.

My friend invalidates bisexuals in a relationship sense. He says they are always sitting atop a fence, sometimes going to one side and sometimes to the other, but they never stay on just one side. 

Who is Patti Stanger and please tell me why should I care?

She's the host of the show "Millionaire Matchmaker"
And if you really didn't care, why are you here commenting on her video?

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