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Mind Blown: Iconic Disney Characters With Real Human Faces

That Peter Pan marriage proposal video isn't the only item today blurring the line between Disney fantasy and real life. Avalonis, an artist at DeviantART, has blown our mind with her interpretations of how famous Disney cartoon characters would look in reality as humans. The results are mind-blowing and have made us feel less weird about having crushes on certain iconic animations.  

Can you guess each face without checking out the reference list below? Who's your favorite?

(From top left: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, Tiana, Charlottle LaBouffe, Esmeralda, Frollo, Quasimodo, Giselle, Jane, Tarzan, 
Cinderella, Belle, Prince Adam (The Beast), Gaston, Jafar, Mulan, Alice, Jasmine, Aladdin, Aurora, Prince Philip, Maleficent, Cruella Deville, Meg, Hercules, Pocahontas, Snow White, The Evil Queen, Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula)


They all have the same general jaw shape?

I know the woman Pocahontas was based on & she looks more like the character than this depiction does.

Disney diversity failure. 

They all look the same. And the ones that do deviate from the mediocrity mold, are evil. 

Complete and utter failure. 


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