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Minnesota Teen Receives Horrifying Death Threats After Coming Out

Updated 3:30 p.m. est with video below

Here is the coming out video that Ryan posted in late 2013 leading to the death threats he's received:



(Original story)

Ryan Eichenauer, a Centennial High School student in Circle Pines, Minnesota, has gone public with death threats he's received since recently coming out as gay on Facebook. Ryan says the typed threats were placed on his desk before the start of class. 

Here's one of the death threats he's received so far:

"Ryan, I see there are many others who also want you dead. Good. And it's not just the two of us who have decided to speak up. It's everyone ... like you don't deserve to live in this world. Innocent people die every day, but the scum of the earth like you gets to live? ... that. That is about to change. No one likes the fact that you are alive. No one likes the way you show your sexuality. You are a ... sinner. Someone should do something about it…I will. I am not a coward. I protect the house of god from ... like you. I know you have been suicidal before and I hope you try it again...but go through with it you ... coward. I know you still cut your wrists. I've been told it's because you hate yourself. You think you are ugly. You think you are worthless. And guess what? You are! You wonder why people don't like you... it's because you are the ... under all of our feet. We intend to keep it that way. Enjoy your days while you still can. In my eyes they are numbered. Many others forgive...I don't. I can't wait for the day that I get to walk over your grave. And if you don't put yourself there, I will be glad to. Just do us all a favor and do it soon. ... kill yourself already, because we all know with you gone the world will be a better place. I know where we keep our guns, but I think I want to see you suffer, more than just a blow to the head. I want to see you weep with pain. I want to see your blood draining from your lifeless body. But as I've said before, I'm not the only one who wants this, we all do. We all ... hate you. Kill yourself now, and go to ...

"A little scared, I feel safe in my school," Ryan told a reporter. "Right now, mostly uncomfortable....The first threat I cried a lot. A lot of tears and emotions. Even though that was less threatening. Then this one came along. Is this what I am going to get forever, from now on?"



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the message for you is to become merciful to loved ones, strangers, and enemies alike. We are all prone to faults and mistakes; it is part of our journeys to become temporarily lost in the wilderness. Show mercy by offering a helping hand to those who present disappointment or strife. These ones exhibit the deepest need for a courageous and merciful understanding.   As to Ryan, he is probably better adjusted than most on here, simply because he is being honest.  I would like to see us all encourage him to be all that God wants and desires him to be.  God does not need our help to Judge him either... 

I don't know who that first part is for but it sounds okay to me. But what if having homosexual feelings is Ryan's "cross to bear" but God does not want him to act on them? How can we encourage Ryan to be what God wants him to be if does not want Ryan to engage in sexual acts with a person of the same gender? Christianity is inconsistent with the homosexual lifestyle. Those who claim otherwise are either fooling themselves or trying to make themselves feel better by making believe one can be a good Christian and engage in homosexual acts. We have free will and everyone must decide for themselves which way they will go.

As an evangelical Christian I believe homosexual behavior is a sin. You know what else is a sin? Threatening people. Ridiculing people. Failing to show God's love to people. Condemning people. If this young man chooses to engage in homosexual acts (he hasn't said he intends to do so), that is his business. One has the right to believe the lifestyle to be a sin but no one has a right to be cruel (ungodly) to others. To those who would threaten Ryan: STOP using and abusing the teachings of Jesus Christ to justify YOUR hatred. It is embarrassing to those people who want to truly follow His teachings. Maybe you should start a new organization. Terrorists for Christ. Talk about an oxymoron!

I'm not exactly a church-going Catholic anymore, but I continue to read The Bible - at least occasionally. The Old Testament is full of prohibition, hatred and punishment. It's peculiar how these judgmental (and JESUS said not to do that) bigots need to get their noses out of other peoples' business, and get a life. Maybe I "missed something," but I'm having a hard time recalling where Christ supposedly said ANYTHING about "homosexuality," either positive or negative. He DID, however, save a prostitute - Mary Magdalene - from public stoning and certain death. Later, she continued to keep company with Him and the Disciples.

Those who would hate really enjoy blindly - and stupidly - equating sexual orientation with being a behavioral "choice," rather than being primarily genetically inherent, really need to do some reading. They have a lot of catching up to do. Perhaps one of the best ways I have ever seen this "issue" of theirs destroyed is this: "People do not CHOOSE a life of persecution." Because some of these cowardly bigots can't even fathom THAT level of comprehension, if you choose to even grant them the merit of a response, and even greater simplicity is indicated - just tell them something like, "Hey - I don't like seafood, so I never order fish, when I go out to eat." That's about how much of a "choice" it is - lifestyle or otherwise.

You are who - and what - you are. NO ONE has the "right to" persecute you, and they definitely have no "right" to utter threats. Like Doug said - they can THINK whatever they want to. That's about it, though.

Right on!

He needs to report these threats to the school and police. This is total bullshit

God loves you for who you are.  Look to Him for your strength and you will be protected.  I am sorry for this hate filled attack.  We love you!  

Ryan your redefining yourself is one of the best videos i have EVER seen. I am so glad you live in my world!!!! This world IS A BETTER that you have "LET US IN". Don't let the small minds of those people who can't define themselves and live in someone else's hate filled world worry you. THANK YOU, RYAN. For allowing ME in to you're world.

Rhoman Aragon

Hi Ryan people like that are not worth listening to coz they are just perthic and sad. Plus they need to grow up and get a life because there is gay,bisexual,lesbian and transgender people out there. They don't know wot the future holds for them they might have kids of there own and they might be gay,bi,lesbian or transgender them selfs. So would the bully's disown there own kids for been gay,bi,lesbian or transgender? Because if they did disown there kids for that then they are not worth having as parents. As long as ur happy in ur self don't let anyone else's opinion bother u. Plus if ur family and friends are with u to help u then just take notice of them not the bully's.

Love your story Ryan. You are not in this alone. You have all are support. Keep your head held high and shine bright like a diamond. 

Hey Ryan,

  Your story is sadly one I have heard about numerous times.  It's ashame that people are narrow minded and don't understand that we cannot help who we fall in love with.  Love is an amazing gift given to us by God.  I have had a similar battle my entire life because I am in an occupation that doesn't openly accept.  Close friends have been there for me when I have had a major separation/breakup and surprisingly my brothers & sisters who I thought wouldn't understand or be supportive; were my life's crutch.  Don't pay any mind to these people who tell you to harm yourself, or even those who say that "gays should all be put on an island and nuked."  These people are obviously sheltered and ignorant.  We don't judge them for loving someone of the opposite sex, or perhaps someone we know is bad news.  All-in-all it's not our place to judge. 

  You have a lot of support on here and I can only imagine that those closest to you offer even more support.  Stay strong bud!!!

- Shane

Beautifully stated, and from your heart, Shane.  I will be praying for a full protection around Ryan and his family.  Praying also for the teachers and Principal to wake up and do some intervention.  When I was teaching, I had a kid say, "Mr. J. do you know that Tyrone is gay"... (i was not out at that time), but it was an opportunity to refocus the attack,  educate the class about gay people, put a + spin on the question,  and then I said, to close, "Remember,  it takes one to know one."  and I stared at the class for 5 minutes of uncomfortable (for them)  silence,  finally saying, "end of discussion" ....

Never had another comment made...    Hang in there Ryan, you are LOVED.  God bless you.

Kia Kaha Ryan - that means Maori for 'Be strong'. You are always going to be the wonderful person you are. They don't know you......How dare they say such hurtful things to you. You have done a very brave thing, you have done nothing wrong. I am from New Zealand & my husband & I live in Nashville- a lot of people here are highly religious as is Minniesota- however you will find that attitudes are quite different in other countries & New Zealand for one country that does not judge. In fact we have a transgender member of parliament, how cool is that! I feel really sorry that the bullies are obviously intellectually challenged, not a bright future awaits them. But you my friend, you have a great & wonderful future ahead of you.....

It gets better Ryan. The small godless mind that wrote this threat is the one in pain. You appear to be smarter, stronger and a much better person than anyone threatened by your sexuality.

It gets better.


Ryan is an honest young man,  a value taught by every parent and the Scouts;  As a retired high school teacher, I find this disgusting that other students leave him hate filled notes.  It just goes to show you how weak and afraid those kids are.   Where is the teacher?  what is this Principal doing to correct this.   WAKE UP and give Ryan some support.  Bullying is a coward's way of discussing and talking.  and this is WRONG.   

Hang in there Ryan. Karma will come back to this person eventually, but until then, try and stay safe and keep those that support you close. No one deserves death threats based on their sexual orientation (or religious views or anything else). I wish you luck and hope that you stay safe.

That is just horrible.  I can't believe someone could ever hate anyone like that.  I can't imagine the type of family and parents he must have.  And to talk like that and say it in the name of the creator.  How offended God must be.  We are all with you Ryan.

Ryan, I am sorry you are going through this.  Know that you are courageous and no hater is ever worth taking your own beautiful life.   

Ryan, I am sorry you have been through this; know that you are a courageous person and please don't ever take your own beautiful life over some mentally unstable hater.  :) 

To those idiots who are saying he wrote this himself you obviously can't see the fear in his face and voice as he tells the news. 

Stay strong hot young man! Your beautiful in every way!

Anyone who speaks like this to someone gay IS gay their self. No one speaks like this unless they have something to hide. Period.

People like you have no right to Judge others. You Have no heart. You think you can say thiS to people? No you cant. You have no life Nor soul. 

I can't put my finger on it. But that's a strikingly eloquent and well written letter... Much like Ryan himsels. I hate to say it - we all know how tough it is coming out - but I think he wrote that himself. Perhaps it's symptomatic of the conflicts he feels within himself... perhaps he misguidedly feels he's 'elevating the issue'. Either way, if he did write it, it's all a bit sad...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Fuck that dick.

Punch him in this throat, then piss on his face, same with his asshole friends.

Hang in there Ryan what u did takes a lot of courage not sure where circle pines MN is but I'm in Duluth and would love to get a group of friends and family together and maybe even everyone from Duluth/Superior Pride and MPLS Pride and come to your town and show everyone how much we support you. Hang in there Ryan   

Awe kiddo, I am behind all these good people that have posted and wish you nothing but the best and hope those people are caught and punished. Stay strong and it'll all work out.

No It's not what you will have to live with from now on Ryan.

Don't be ashamed of who you are. You are a stronger man than most your age( and older), coming out and being yourself publicly as you did. Don't despair, you are not alone. There are highs and lows in life, this is one of the worst times you'll deal with. I only have a small handful of the 1800 kids I went to high school with that I associate with that are friends still after all these years. I knew just about every kid in school by name and could carry on a conversation in the halls with just about everyone. When I came out some time after sucked. I don't have any of those people in my life that I held as close friends then. I chose unwisely who to surround myself with. I've made better, wiser choices since then. Those who bullied me in school(yes there were many) now have no influence over my life whatsoever. I've even been approached by several who've asked for forgiveness and said they were sorry! Hit the gym, work out fears and frustrations lifting heavy things and get even with those crude ... choose your own expletive... by living a healthy happy long life. Be successful, be yourself, and to hell with those who would knock you down and steal your grace and peace. The very best vengeance you can ever exact upon a bully is to be everything that they are most afraid you might be, YOURSELF!

Yeah treat them as dangerous and foolish. Protect yourself and be intelligent about this whole traumatic, dramatic event. But don't ever let them win by allowing yourself to be beaten down. you're a much stronger person than they(bullies) will ever be able to become. Feel pity for them and any children they might someday raise. Ryan, be proud of yourself. So many of us out here in the world are proud of you. We may not  know you personally, but you have touched our lives with your story and we support you in what you're going through. Be tough, it's not an easy thing to live through, but you'll get by and it'll pass.

Peace and much happiness.

Matt. G.

Okay, this kid is a liar. No bully writes a long-winded note that is repetitive and then addresses it to the person. Let's count the days before yet another fraud is uncovered. 

Im not a coward either. But i will kill anyone who hurts people of their sexuality. Know that you over opinionated cocky fucks. Find me. Or tell me are so i can come find you. Im not affraid to kill or die.

Ryan,fuck em...give them a good slap from me,bible bashing cretins..

You are not alone. Hang in there. There are people out there, here even, that love you just like you are. Be true to yourself. I hope the ones that are making threats get what is coming to them!

Ryan, you are a fantastic and brave young man. I admire your courage and appreciate your openness. Your parents and friends are lucky to have you.  
Don't like ignorant bigots with no mastery of sentence structure terrorize you.
Stay strong, cutie pie.

Hi Ryan, I read that email and to be honest, I'm raging...I would love to meet that little shit and say "Hi,I'm gay" and see his reaction. I would also say "I'm Irish(we take no shit from anyone),6 foot,tattooed and employed. I'm also an atheist (no surprise...) Please tell me you disaprove of my life!!!!". I have encountered people like that here in my home town of Ballinasloe, Ireland. Yes, it hurts..The remarks and the insults and threats hurt....but I won't let that influence or affect or disempower me...and neither should you. Be yourself and be proud my young friend. Know this, you are not and never will be alone. You have friends. I wish you all the best 

Martin Ward,


Gay and proud!!

Well said Martin, there is a bi Aussie father (atheist too) who wants a better world for his kids who would like to be standing there beside you. F*n religious bigots.
Anyway, chin up Ryan your coming out message was beautiful and reminded me of myself in my younger days.

I'm sure they're doing the typical "I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do ". 

This makes me sad. I grew up in the same city as this boy. It's sad to see those people have yet to change how they feel. That was a major reason I did not come out in high school when I lived in that city. I was afraid I would get the same response. It's no coincidence this is in the distinct t that crazy Michelle Bachmann represents..

I hope they arrest the guilty party and put them behind bars.  How sad their life must be.  Hang in.  Don't let this one lost soul win.  You have more supporters than you'll ever know.  Sending lots of support and love from INDY.

That is a death threat and should be taken seriously. They need to be charged properly for this crime. If the tables were turned & he was the one to write such a thing to those students, he would be in jail already. I despise discrimination with a passion.

Living authentically is such a great expression. I had never considered that term. It's fantastic. Of course it is still threatening to those small-minded individuals who believe that they should get to make all the decisions of how people should live their lives. Authentic means different. It sounds unique. What a threat to those who those who wish to be validated by being like everyone else. What kind of Christian wishes for people's death? What kind of person lives a life of such hate? These questions are not worth considering. Instead I choose to focus on the love that has been showered upon you. Every tear you have shed; out of fear, out of anger is an expression of wanting to be loved, accepted and to love and to accept. You have boldly expressed love to yourself and invited people in. I think your message was a true expression of possibility. I admire you. I stand with you in solidarity; unwilling to let hateful words keep me from living "authentically". Be brave. Be well. Thank you!

I see ignorant people once again acting like they own a persons life and cant mind their own freaking business.. WHO THE HELL CARES what someone else does with their life, its NOT hurting you to the least.. MIND YOUR BUSINESS AHOLES!!! Ryan, be proud of who you are, and dont allow bigotted dumb aholes rule your life, karma will get them for all the wrongs they have done in thier lives, they aint perfect either and should look in a mirror and judge themselves before judging someone else.

Dear  sweet Ryan,  Please know that I am writing you not because I know you or know your plight.  I am a 65 year old short chubby woman who has never received death threats.  I have lived long enough to know that people who do that are not the ones I pay attention to nor want to play with.  Be proud of doing what most of us are afraid to do and that is to be true to yourself and be authentic.  Most people live lives of quiet desperation.  You have chosen not to.  I have written to tell you I  support you and I am here stating that now for all to see. God is love not the hate these hate mongers are demonstrating.  Be well.

Ryan, you have done the right thing and with courage. The person that wrote that letter certainly doesn't need to agree with your lifestyle, however, expressing that to you in such a cruel, hateful, disgusting and threatening way speaks volumes about that person and his or her issues. Pulling God into this is a sin and I'm sure he is going to be wishing he/she never sent you that letter.  Stay strong and it's obvious people love you and support you all over the world. Because Ryan, I myself have gone through the same thing, society is different, not saying everyone shares these views, but the majority of people will be by your side. It will get better.

If he's living a gay lifestyle then you are living a straight lifestyle.

Ryan, you did the right thing by "letting the world in". I finally came out at the age of 50 and wished I had done it years ago. It's not a good life pretending to be straight.  I paid a dear price for it. I and literally thousands of others are standing right behind you. We 're proud and accept you for the beautiful person you are. The person who wrote that letter will have a lifetime of shame and regret for that. Maybe not now. But one day. I guarantee it.

Ryan, I am proud of you! Form faraway, from Warsaw, Poland, I salute you for your courage! 
Haters like those who wrote the letters are usually cowards who are unable to have human feelings. I certainly hope that authorities will find those people and take care of them. 
Stay strong! 


Ryan, hon - if you EVER start to doubt yourself, if you ever feel like you're not worth anything, or as if there is anything wrong with you - (and there isn't!) - ask yourself who is the better person - you, or the person who could find it in their soul to write something like this.  There is a deep dark shameful thing happening here, and it is not you.  I hope that you have the love and support you need close to you, and that the mountain of support you are getting from strangers also helps you keep your head up.  You are not the person who should feel ashamed here.  I wonder what this person's God thinks of their action?

Teaching a child to engage in hate-crimes should be rewarded with a criminal record on the part of the parents. That might slow down the amount of bullying that goes on right fast.

Ryan the kind of "people" who would say something like this are nothing but gutless cretinous little cowards. You have proven yourself to be a strong and brave young man, you have everything over them. Stand tall, be proud. You are not alone.

Ryan,know that you are not alone in this. There are others out here in the world doing what we can to help.

Stay strong youngster, anyone who writes stuff like this and scurries away into hiding again is nothing but a pathetic, gutless cockroach. I genuinely hope it's all words that they'd never have the guts to follow through with, but just in case, I hope they're caught soon and made an example of anyway.
In the meantime, live life, be true to yourself and be happy.

Stay strong, and no it won't be like this forever. For every hateful person you meet, you will meet many more who accept and like you just as you are. I'm glad you went public. I admire your bravery very much. Stay safe, know that many love you. It will get better. Hugs and support and love to you.

Stay strong man! You are better than they are and it shows.

Dear Ryan,

I applaud you for for being so brave and coming out, or as you said "letting the world in". For every hateful person out there I choose to believe that there's 10 more that will support and love you unconditionally. Stay strong, keep your head up and continue to be proud of the amazing and brave young man that you are.



Dear Ryan,
I came out freshman year of high school. It wasn't an easy year for me. I did have a few people in my life that added support, unconditionally. Hold on to those people/friends. That's what life is about. Know you are loved, and a child of God's. Be strong. I shall pray and think of you, and I hope kindness and love finds its way into your life.

There are places for you to go, but we all know that people have to understand that being gay isn't socially unacceptable. This is something that happens to people of our community all the time and most times, threats are left unheard and unspoken. I think that this issue being brought forward makes for room for change. I feel that their are others that have the same impacts of life hitting them and that they should have an outlet to go to make it not easier, but less painful. I have offered people in our locale the ability to come to me with issues so that they have some so of support system. I think that in all regions there should be an awareness campaign for how intolerance really hurts others in the long run, and hurts our society as a whole.

Take care,


Ryan, you stay strong. Your character is so much stronger than theirs and you are living by your convictions. You are not alone. There are thousands of us who are standing with you in your battle with these tiny minded people. I don't know you personally, but I love you as a fellow being on this diverse planet

How much do you want to bet these letters are from the same people who believe in talking animals, demons, ghosts, and practice ritualized cannibalism... you know the ones I'm talking about.

You can't expect anything more from just lunatics...They are just h8ful trolls that love to play around with others with such horrible way...They pick always the ones from the weaker social groups because they are frightened to death to go and fool with individuals from other ones like extremists muslims,hooligans etc..
Do NOT let these scums succeeding playing with your mind because this is all they want...
Contact the authorities and make them pay the concequences of their actions..

Hi Ryan well done hun you are who you are  and I am proud of you 

Check out the Trevor Project -- designed for people like you who believe they are alone in the world.  Good luck.  So many people are on your side, not the sick disgusting sub-humans who wrote the letter


Hi Ryan!

Don't let IDIOTS like those who wrote those horrible letters get to you! You are normall gay teen. Nothing wrong with that. I hope that you have lots of love from your family and friends to get through these trying times! Never let anyone destroy your spirit. I hope you have a great life and more power to you! 

I'm by your side Ryan.

No, Ryan this is not what you will have to go through for the rest of your life.  The person that wrote that note is a disturbed, angry person that is probably having a hard time with his or her own sexuality.  I applaud your Ryan for standing up and being who you are, you are a brave and courageous young man and we are all proud of you.  Don't let someone like this bring you down, but let it make you shine and be a beacon for others that are struggling. Oh, and if anyone says your ugly or not good looking, they are just jealous, your are very handsome.  Beat wishes.

What have school officials done about this?  

Typical Christians advocating death as they have for 3500yrs.

Not to interrupt your rant with facts... but Christianity didn't exist 3500 years ago, 2050 years at most.

The author of this letter claims not to be a coward but went through a good deal of trouble to keep his identity a secret. Sounds like a coward to me.

The message was obviously written by an intelligent person which leads me to believe that person is also a sociopath. Sociopaths love to torment what they consider weak targets. Remember Jack Nicholson's character in the movie As Good As It Gets? Yeah, that's the kind of person who wrote this. This kid is being trolled. I understand it is upsetting and the death threat part should be taken seriously. The rest of the message though, just let that strengthen you because you're in charge of your own destiny. 

Ryan, I applaud you for coming out and going public with this. There are so many people who will stick by you and support you. Unfortunately even in these days there are still some poor misguided hate filled souls who hide behind there religion, and use it to spread hate. Please don't expect that this is the treatment you will get forever. It will get better. Stay strong. Be you. Surround yourself with the loving and supportive people that you have around you. That's how you fight hate. With love. Coming out changed my life for the better. As difficult as it can be I will never regret it. So proud of you for your courage and strength. Hang in there.

My prayers go out to this young man.  No, this is not how most of the world will treat you!  Keep the authorities informed of everything you receive, and someone had better check that letter for fingerprints.  This is beyond bullying, threats like this are a criminal act.

I have to ask, for the people who feel justified saying things like this to anyone, can you really imagine Jesus speaking or writing to someone with these words?? How can you morally justify this? And, what is wrong with you?

This letter was found on his desk? What is the school board doing about a death threat?

Every religious fanatic, televangelist, duck dynasty following hypocrite can take full credit for this type of behavior, they think their words are just words, they are not, they are death sentences carried out by mindless followers. They need to own these types of actions, they are the direct (NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD) result of their twisted religious beliefs that have become so self centered rather than love guided. I find it reprehensible and vulgar and smack in the face of anyone who truly knows G_d's love.

Whoever wrote that death threat is a sick and pathetic person and is full of hate and self-loathing. It's shocking that in this day and age people still think that way. Ryan--not everyone hates you. That's utter bulls**t. I'm positive you have plenty of friends. Also thank you for having the courage to come public with this. You'll see--plenty of people will come out to support you. Also go to the school authorities with this letter. They should take steps to make sure nothing happens. Stay strong Ryan. You'll make it through:)

The uncensored version

Please dont think the whole world is like that. They are not I am a 47 year old gay male. I will tell you people are accepting and loving. Dont stay in a place where people are so crazy, you are better than that.

No Ryan, this is NOT what you're "going to get forever, from now on!" This is from a deranged lunatic in need of lengthy, in depth psychiatric help. The person who wrote that is the actual coward as I believe they have no intentions of actually killing someone; brave words from a baseless coward!! Stand proud Ryan, you're the brave one and you will have plenty of support in your journey. Just look for it and you will find it!!!

Why are they such horrible people in the world i feel like getting sick reading what so called people are putting this kid through they should ashamed for treating another human being this way

God the death threat 2 must be very insecure about wanting cockt ...sorry they're sexuallity

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