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Mississippi Governor Signs Anti-Gay 'Religious Liberty' Law

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has signed the state's religious protections bill, which allows businesses to discriminate against gays in the state based on religious beliefs

The New Civil Rights Movement: 

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) has signed into law a “religious liberty” bill that could be used to justify various forms of discrimination, including anti-LGBT discrimination. The bill, SB 2681, was approved by the legislature earlier this week after being a conference between the House and Senate. It differs from other state’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts” (RFRAs) because Mississippi law defines the word “person” to include businesses, and thus it applies to corporations instead of just private citizens exercising their religious beliefs.

Jim Crow laws in 2014. 


Yet again, #WhitePriveledge , it's almost laughable, they LOVE to show who they really are don't they. Smh.....that's exactly why this country ain't shit yet everything is blamed on Obama. Always a red neck in the wing of things....Always....

Do these "christians" ever read Matthew 19:12 where Jesus states it as a fact of life that some men are not inclined towards marriage with a woman because they are "born that way".

I am gay and do not get me wrong I do not approve of this law but you should re-read what it says. "some men are celibate because they were born that way. Others are celibate because they were castrated. Still others have decided to be celibate because of the kingdom of heaven. If anyone can do what you've suggested, then he should do it."

Wow nothing like taking a step back! Ignorance is so sad

Because of my religious beliefs, I will never hire anybody from the Bible Belt.  Would this hold up in Mississippi?

I hope the casinos pull out of this state--if gay is a sin so is gamling --so they will be next!!!

I hope this state will be ravage by natural disasters and leave this people desolate.  

Dumb ass red neck! It won't last long people are coming around.

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