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Missouri Gets "Gay Segregation" Bill Introduced

Add Missouri to the list of states embarrassing themselves this year with bills that recall the Jim Crow era of segregation. Missouri State Senator Wayne Wallingford admits he was inspired by the bills in Kansas and Arizona before introducing his own "Fundamental Christians Only" legislation, which uniquely leaves a broad interpretation of who can be discriminated against by religious business owners and employees in the Show Me State. 

Kansas City Star reports:

“We’re trying to protect Missourians from attacks on their religious freedom,” Wallingford said.

Opponents contend bills like Wallingford’s would allow businesses to discriminate against anyone they do not like, most notably gays and lesbians.

“It’s a legislative attempt to legalize discrimination toward (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) individuals,” said A.J. Bockelman, executive director of the LGBT rights organization PROMO.

Wallingford said he based the bill loosely on legislation that has been debated in other states, such as Kansas and Arizona. He pointed to instances that have cropped up in debate in those other states.

Rachel Maddow tackled the proliferation of these bills across the country on her Tuesday night show, and tries to figure out if a national anti-gay organization is behind their similarities:

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This guy could use a stiff one

Just tell me ONE thing! This idiot is a STATE SENATOR????? How did he ever get elected into office????

Probably the "Good Ole Boys" network...You know the country redneck bumpkins with old money and connections. Tennessee, where I live, is FULL of them! Fortunately, the anti gay bill that was proposed here was shot down before it could even go to committee.

Gregory, that's good. 

Where do you Americans find these people you elect into positions of power are your brains in your arses because they are not in your head time I think you all stood together and get these asswipes out of office ASAP 

Missouri loves company. 

I think this all started when that Russian p*ick Putin made anti-gay hatred OK in Russia. It gave all these homophobes a sense of power so they're using it for all it's worth. Still, if any of these bills get passed (HIGHLY unlikely) they'll be challenged immediately and kept tied up in court for years to come.

Senator Wallingford sir, do you still Masturbate sir!? I guess your own bill will cause you to move out of your own State sir! Food for thought's in the New Testament sir.

You can't be a bigot unless you have some group to hate.

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