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Missouri Newspaper Publisher Reveals Intense Homophobia After Being Asked About Pride On Facebook

Darrell Todd Maurina, a newspaper publisher in southern Missouri, wants you to know that "this is not San Francisco." The stale quip used by every homophobe from Missouri to Mauritania came in response to a reader and former student who innocently asked Maurina for information on an area Pride luncheon on Facebook. 

The luncheon, planned to take place at Ft. Leonard Wood (a U.S. Army Base) and featuring Command Sgt. Major. Teresa Duncan speaking about coming out in a post-DADT world, is scheduled for June 30th. This is the information that Janell Jackson needed when she inquired about details for the Pride event. Instead, Maurina, publisher of Pulaski County Daily News exploded into a homophobic tirade. 

“This is an event I do **NOT** want to promote or encourage, and one which I do not plan to attend unless some other media organizations also attend,” he replied.

“I’ve already asked U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood public affairs personnel to alert me if any other media plan to attend the event; I’ll cover it if I have to do so, but it’s not something to which I want to give attention if nobody else is doing so.”

Jackson stood up for herself, especially after Maurina went on to say "this is not San Francisco." 

“I don’t think the San Francisco comment was even appropriate,” Jackson said. “We’re everywhere. We’re not limited to any city where we’re out and proud. It wasn’t a fair comment. People are out everywhere and it was a very closed-minded response.”

When asked why he doesn't feel journalistic integrity and responsibility to cover base events that he may not agree with, Maurina replied, "it's the new reality." 

“This is another example highlighting our struggle for equal and fair treatment is far from over,” said A.J. Bockelman, Executive Director of PROMO, Missouri’s statewide LGBT advocacy organization. “We have seen historic movement in the last year since Windsor and yet a simple inquiry about a Pride Luncheon on Ft. Leonard Wood can evoke such a strong rebuke from a journalist. Paranoia, stigma and blatant discrimination are still present in rural Missouri.”

Maurina has left his Facebook profile public, leading to a deluge of people who are outraged by his comments to make it known on his threads. His latest comment on the matter refers to the story as a "homosexual uproar" that will die down, though he reminds the public that he sticks to his "Free Speech-provided" anti-gay views. 

(Source: Boom Mag/LGBTQ Nation)





Well, me thinks he doth protest a bit too much.  

I guess it's good that she didn't ask him about the Missouri State Fair.  

He would have launched into a diatribe about all those BIG FAT JUICY CORNDOGS!  

Mmmm, corndogs.  : )  

im just surprised an editor would blatantly say "Im got gonna cover this unless they make me." Im not surprised he feels it, but when you make your money with your words you're expected to understand their impact.

He is obviously a product of misinformation and poorly educated on what it is to be gay. Unfortunately many are still believing uninformed, unscientific views and perhaps peer pressure makes them take this homophobic  stance. Hopefully he'll learn that it sucks to be stupid.

He's an ugly ignorant jerk. Just ignore him.

why is every HOMOPHOBE I have ever seen, uglier than shit??

Reactions like this tend to be from deeply closeted gays! Also as a person with a Mass Communication degree a good and professional news reporter, broadcaster or publication is to take an unbiased approach to news and let the reader decide. That is unless you work for Fox News...LOL​

baby, I have never been in the closet!!!  and I have been around many a block when it comes to the subject of gay men!!  I am from he older generation, girlfriend, so just know what the hell you are talking abou, because so far, you don't know shit!!

I was not addressing your comment but making an observation about the comments of the "editor" made in the story!

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