MLB Pitcher's Drag Photos Leaked During Twitter Feud

Texas Rangers star pitcher Matt Garza has found himself in lots of trouble on Twitter this week. 

First, on Monday, Garza publicly apologized for a Twitter rant directed at the wife of Oakland A's Eric Sogard. Apparently, after a weekend game saw Sogard bunt one of Matt's pitches, the Ranger called the Oakland A a "pussy." The verbal fight went online where Garza told Sogard's wife to "shut up." Garza then apologized. 

But Sogard may have had the last laugh.

Having dug up pics of a hazing ritual Garza was subjected to as a rookie for the Minnesota Twins, Sogard decided to Tweet the pics to underscore the irony in the pitcher's attempt to emasculate him over the weekend.

So, Instincters, should Garza sashay away or shante and stay?

(h/t: Queerty)