MMA Fighter Tom "The Viking" Crosby's Photo Leak Is Here

UK Mixed Martial Arts fighter Tom Crosby’s making his rounds on Tumblr.

The amateur fighter with the Welterweight Champion title is currently holding a strong 14 wins/6 losses record.

And he just finished his latest match on February 17 against Rico “BonBon” Franco.



Now that he’s moving his way up in the UK MMA world, the internet’s decided to take an interest in him. And we mean, ALL OF HIM.

A new leaked photo of the athlete standing around naked is making its rounds on Tumblr. The people at Tumblr just can’t help themselves can’t they? Well, neither can we. Or, you can find the pics on sites like OMGBlog.

If you want to see the naughty pictures yourself, head over to OMGBlog’s Candy section. Otherwise, check out some Safe For Work pics down below.