Molly Shannon Opens Up On Her Gay Dad Who Came Out At 72

Independent Spirit Award winning actress Molly Shannon is opening up about her gay father. 

The actress, who currently stars in the film Miles, shares:

‘He was 72 when he told me. He told me he was gay right before he died,’ Shannon said last weekend at a screening of the film Miles in West Hollywood.

‘We were sitting at the pool at the Four Seasons, and I said, “Have you ever thought you might be gay?” He said, “Most definitely.” And then we drove to Ohio and talked about it for the next 72 hours.’

Not that she didn’t have a few clues before he confirmed it.

‘When I went to NYU drama school, I would send him pictures of like a head shot of Judy Garland. I didn’t associate that he might be gay; I just thought, “He’ll love this!”‘ said the actress.

‘And then when I got my first color head shots, my dad framed it and threw gold stars all over it.’

Shannon shares that she feels a special connection to gay subject matter. 

‘All stories about people being gay and coming out, I’m just so attracted to,’ she said.

‘It was my whole childhood. My whole life. I was the child of somebody who had to keep that secret. So anything I can do to let that out and tell all those stories is the most important thing to me.’

Thanks for sharing, Molly!!


(H/T: Gay Star News)