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Mom Talks To 4-Year-Old Son About Gay Marriage

Mom, Devin Clifton, keeps it really simple as she talks to her 4-year-old son Logan about same-sex marriage.

See how their conversation turned out!

Devin writes to Gay Marriage USA:

We have brought him to local pride festivals and he has been around gay couples but this is the first time we had ever talked about it. I wanted to show how 1) it is easy to explain homosexuality to kids and 2) everyone is born innocent and taught to be hateful

This same adorable kid could have an entirely different view of gays and gay couples in a different environment. It's great to see parents instilling values of acceptance and celebration at such a young age.

What did you think of their conversation, Instincters?


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I totally agree with her. I think it's good to instill acceptance of diversity early on. She never said people who don't accept it should be punched or that they were bad. She was simply informing him that some people are non accepting so he's not confused when he runs into that. Which he surely will.

I think mom was right on it .. because everyone should have the right to choice who they want to spend there life with men are women because you are the one who has to stand in front of god they not going to do it for you .... Thanks Mom

I know a couple who are deeply committed to civil rights and worked tirelessly for racial harmony in Boston when segregation was illegal but the races never mixed. They raised a son who was concerned that his neighborhood becoming more diverse was not a good thing. He was just about everything his parents were not. Democrats can raise conservative Republicans and I;m sure a conservative Republican has raised a liberal or two. Deeply religious people can raise an atheist, and atheist parents may have a son a priest.

Personally I believe this is over the top and a four year old is too young to teach such a complex message, but a child is neve rtoo young to learn from a loving example, so if Mom and Dad are loving and inclusive, it will teach more than what was filmed in this sappy and rather self righteous and nauseating video.

She did well up until she agreed that those who oppose gay marriage should be punched.  I think it would have been better to mention that it's ok if you don't agree that gays should marry.  That the important thing is that everyone has the right to love/marry whoever they love.

Those who don't believe men should be able to marry men, or women should be able to marry a woman, mustn't be thought of as "bad." Mommy needs to rethink her words, I think. 

Thats so cute! Amazing mom. 

Ugh, I hate when parents do this kind of thing.  It's so exploitative.  Kids are kids, not political props.

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