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Mom Writes Disgusting Homophobic Message On Birthday Invite For Kid With Gay Dads

Updated Saturday, 2:15 p.m. pst

K 98.3, the Long Island, New York radio station that shared the birthday invite seen'-round-the-world, has come forward to admit it was all a hoax. Check out our full update here


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Well, the less neanderthalic bigots at Sophia's 7th birthday party, the better, right?

A mom in Baldwin, New York won't be receiving any Mother of the Year Awards this year (unless they're from Westboro) after scribbling a disgustingly prejudiced message on a birthday party invitation her kid allegedly received. A Long Island radio station has shared a picture that two dads allegedly sent in depicting a response to their young daughter's birthday party. 

Reads the mother's reply to the birthday invite [sic]:

Tommy will NOT attend. I do not beleive in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your "lifestyle." I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way.

"I do not beleive [spelled incorrectly] in what you do"? WTF does that mean? Does the mom think that if she closes her eyes, plugs her ears and stomps her feet, Sophie and her two dads will magically disappear? 

Pet peeves aside, what kind of mother takes her homophobia out on a child? 

We hope Sophia has a fun time celebrating turning a few years older than this anti-gay mom acts.


You all got conned. Pretty easy I guess.

I knew this was a hoax. But people have become such suckers.

Hopefully by now everyone knows this was a hoax.

A Message From Steve & Leeana

Posted on 2/14/2014 7:05:00 PM

Dear K-98.3 Listeners,

On Wednesday, we told you the story of Sophia's birthday party, and one parent's objection to the same-sex household of Sophia's parents.  We also posted the invitation on our Facebook page, and invited comments from our followers.

This story was, in fact, totally fictitious, and created by the two of us.  This was done without the knowledge of K-98.3 management or ownership.

We were attempting to spur a healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic, but we made a mistake by misleading our listeners into thinking that this specific situation actually existed.

We are very sorry that we perpetuated this falsehood, even after it was clear that it had taken on a 'life of its own.'  We deeply apologize for violating your trust, and we will work hard to regain that trust.


Steve & Leeana

- See more at:

It's interesting how Beth chooses to make a point of letting the two dads 'understand' how wrong they re, to the point of even leaving her phone number. Is that because she sincerely believes she can talk them out of their 'misguided' ways, take a holy grail stand on 'correct' parenting, a stand against same sex liasons or because she is daring you to prover her wrong? 

Really do two children playing together care if one parent approves or disapproves of another's lifestyle? Isn't this in essence how children end up growing thwarted in the first place?

But anyway in the end it all turned out to be a hoax….

She was ok until she mentioned the last part

i still believe everyone has their opinion and if she chose to not let her son go that was her decision 

everything would have been ok if she didn't say the last part 

I too am sorry Sofia has to grow up this way. I'm sorry she has to grow up with a bigoted mother like this. Hopefully, one day when she's older, Sofia will thank her mother for teaching her about hate and lack of understanding and that she learned what not to be through her mother's less than stellar example. 

Sofia has two dads... the dads sent the invite to another child's (Tommy) parents.... so the mother replied with hate... it was not Sofia's mother

So much hate. The best way to fight hate is with kindness and love. I don't mean that we should be kind to the hate-fill kill-joy of a mother, but I do mean that we should continue to carry ourselves with pride, intelligence, and kindness. We need to continue to tell our stories and continue to be examples of good, loving LGBT people. The two dads were being loving and sweet, throwing a fun party for their child. The wrong "lifestyle" here, is presented in the person displaying hateful holier-than-thou judgment. Disgusting and sad. She should be exposed, and we LGBT members should continue to spread the love! 

it is very ignorant and stupid...if she would have said; I do not want my son to go in to your house....that would be aceptable....but that she is sorry for simply an insult.....ofc there is freedom of speak......on all sides....but the heterosexuals do not get bullied, hit or killed for their way of's are, not only in Russia and Kenya and all the Muslim country's no just next door it happens everyday! to make statements like this would in Switzerland be racism and punished by law. 

After years of being
bullied" (not really..I could fight)..and being "verbally abused" by so many because they "were not sure I was gay"..and many "Mothers" like this one who would not let their "sons" be my friend..because of the "stories"...I am glad it's 2014. I am glad that "LGBT" exists...and I am really glad this was shared. If this had been the 70s,80's even 90's..this would have never been on the internet. I am very "open" now,and I do not care who knows I am GAY. It's about time!! When I think of the "senseless" deaths,beatings,and killings of "Gay" Men and Women..and watching Law enforcement cast a "blind" eye if it were a "GAY" person who was is more then overdue time for "GAYS" to be more open,more forceful,and OH..maybe start "harassing" someone like this "PIG" of a Mother in Baldwin N.Y. She is a disgrace to the "human race"..Anita Bryant is sure alive and well in Baldwin,N.Y. I wished I had her phone number..I would start a campaign against her ...the likes of which she had never seen,and would wish she never had..

....I do hope this girl "Sophia" has a "Happy Birthday"..and that "Tommy" does not grow up with the "biased" redneck" attitudes of his "Mother". I'd love to meet her face to face.Again,what a bigoted "PIG".

What's with all of "quotes"?

The creepy lady should have just said no to the invite. She did not need a reason for her kid not going.

What she did was rude and mean spirited


Before everyone gets too worked up, the invite and response were written by the same person. Most of the response has looping Y's, but the one at the end of Baldwin, NY matches perfectly with the one in the sideways You on the front. Apparently they got distracted thinking about how much further they could go and forgot to loop it. Keep comparing letters and you'll see how they all seem to be similar. Some people just like to stir the pot. Don't fall for it.

I did compare them. What you're say, you be saying to throw false light on this where there is none. You're just a hater like this homophobic twat. Go join her cult and leave the rest of us alone...

Is this response the "love" and "acceptance" that is supposed to be shared by the LBGT community...or am I nuts?

I a through being loving of homophobic rhetoric. I'm going to give as much as it takes to get the point across and that I will not be silent anymore.

k -  It WAS a hoax so STFU.

OK. Tommys mom doesn't have to send him to the party. The note was uncalled for. If the dads wanted to confront her CALL HER she gave you her number! No need to put it on the internet and bully her. Because I'm sure that this will get around at Tommy AND Sophias school and cause bullying for them! Some parents are so immature.

You people don't even understand what you are doing to destroy your cause. There are more of us who are getting tired of your BS than you realize.  There are more of us who USED to support you people who know do not care if you ever get the right to cross the street because we are tired of your BS.

We supported you people until you turn around and try to tell us that OUR beliefs are no longer valid because 4% of the population decided that we should bow down to you. The more you people boycott businesses for supporting the owners Heterosexual beliefs - the more we grow to hate you. The more you people bully and intimidate flower shop, bakery, and photography business owners because they do not want to paticipate in your "weddings" - the more we grow to hate you.  The more you people bully, abuse, and intimidate people like Tommy's mom who believe differently - the more we grow to hate you.

You people falsely believe you are on top - but you are really standing on the top of a pyramid. One slight tip, and you are on the downward slide back to the bottom.  Remember that.

Who says "you people" - I just can't anymore.

Lets feel so sorry for the white middle class Christian family, "you people" must have it so rough. I hope all the other "you people" stop bullying the heterosexuals, it must be so tough on your family. You'll be in my thoughts. 

We'll do just fine without YOU. We don't need your negativity. Go climb back in your hole and let your hate kill you, hopefully ridding the world of your stupidity!

We are "on Top" ..get over it,and keep is pushing You farther and Farther to the "bottom". You talk about "hate". If I were You..I would be careful for what I wished for.

Jackass..the more I read this I realize your a fool

Does everyone realize this stuff can be easily staged? I mean apparently, we're not allowed to believe in what we want, nor express our opinions without being called "Homophobe" or "Heterophobe". True, she could have written it a better way, but I say this is staged and if you get upset, you're no better than they are.

Yes, this was obviously staged, just like the stonewall riots were...IDIOT!

k - It WAS staged! I can't wait until all you whiny little cretins are back at the bottom of the heap where you belong.

Why is it that members of the LGBT community are allowed to scream their opinions from bullhorns as they parade down main street but heterosexuals are supposed to sit down, shut up, and wildly clap in approval regardless of their own personal beliefs?!  If you people truly want EQUALITY, then it means that EVERYONE is free to voice their opinions.  I will happily tell Tommy's mom that she can no longer express her hetero beliefs the moment I can tell Sophia's dads they can't express their homo beliefs.  Until then - what's good for the homo is good for the Straight.

Maybe we scream so that we can be HEARD! Since we have been ignored for so long, maybe it take more "in your face" action to get the point across.

And you say what's good for homo is good for straight? What about the reverse? Don't we DESERVE EVERY RIGHT that straight people have enjoyed for hundreds of years? The right to marry, adopt, share legal responsibilities between "spouses"? If you say no, then your argument is INVALIDATED, and you fail...

I am a gay male in my 40's that's been with my partner, now husband for many many years. 

YOU WROTE, ,,,,, .   Why is it that members of the LGBT community are allowed to scream their opinions from bullhorns as they parade down main street but heterosexuals are supposed to sit down, shut up, and wildly clap in approval regardless of their own personal beliefs?!  If you people truly want EQUALITY, then it means that EVERYONE is free to voice their opinions.  I will happily tell Tommy's mom that she can no longer express her hetero beliefs the moment I can tell Sophia's dads they can't express their homo beliefs.  Until then - what's good for the homo is good for the Straight.


For hundreds of years and mainly the last 4 decades the LGBT community "individuals as myself" does believe that you have the right to voice your opinion and belief system. Not everyone belief in the same thing. It's in which that manor comes along. Not everyone agrees with the LGBT agenda or way of life, however, the issue that the LGBT has a problem with "straights" opening your opinion is sometimes hateful." In my life I saw a friend shot dead in front of me for being gay because he was holding his boyfriends hand walking down the street. Another friend was leaving a dance club with his boyfriend when he was jumped by "straight" people and put into the hospital for 14 months, I personally was beaten up from the 5th grade to the 8th grade almost everyday for being gay. I tired to hide the fact that I was gay, but they saw through me. ....It got to the point that I had to drop out of school in the 8th grade because I could not take it anymore. I have seen straight people kick their own child on the street with no where to live at the age of 13 because they told their parents they were gay, have the nerve to ask why we "LGBT" have parades, and make a point to make it as acceptance and normal in society.... Because we got tired of being killed, beaten, and abused because of who we are. All I ask is look at it from "OUR" VIEW POINT. We are all human beings and should all be treated with equal respect, love, and compassion. When we stop helping others is when we stop being human. 

At no point have we, "myself" or any other gay person I know ever asked any "straight" person to sit down, shut up, and wildly clap in approval regardless of their own personal beliefs. 

I welcome everyone's personal belief system, but when it comes in the form of hurting another human, we draw the line. We should however have an open and mature conversation regarding differences in others. Is that what we are taught to belief, and what make us free. Is to accept those who are not like us. Heck, if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place to live.  

You also stated what's good for the homo is good for the straight. Does this mean that you feel all LGBT persons should have the right to marriage? We all have the right to be happy and to live our life in peace without harm from "straight" people!

I accept your short paragraph regarding a very narrow stereotype of how the LGBT community thinks and feels, but I do not accept it has truth. Have you ever tired to sit and talk with a gay person and asked them what are their struggles with being gay or with straights are? I welcome you to take the first step in understanding someone other than your own. 

Myself, and my partner have many friends, both gay, straight, men, women, old, and young. We have learned that we can accept the differences in other regardless of how one lives. It's those differences that make us a better person, and allows us to grow, learn, and show compassion towards all human beings on earth. 

We are all from God!!! He made us and is responsible for his creation within us. We have learned to stop hating God within us and loving him for allowing him to give me this wonderful life. 

Lastly, I would like to wish her a happy birthday, and allow them to become friends and celebrate the life that God gave us. 

My only goal for you is to open your heart and to love one another as God's number one rule. Love thy Neighbor. 

There are plenty of normal kids who get bullied, beat up and even killed for no reason other than maybe they are the smart/dumb/short/tall/fat/skinny/freckled/redheaded kid or because they wear braces or glasses or they because they like math or simply because someone just does not like them.  It happens every single moment, of every single day, in every single part of the world. There are plenty of normal kids who are kicked out of their houses at young ages and are forced to find their own way in this world. Being bullied or having shitty parents is not something exclusive to being lgbt.  You are talking about things that everyone is subjected in one form or another at some point in their lives. 

You do not even realize how much you hurt yourselves whenever there is a Chick-Fil-A or Phil Robertson boycott, or you take someone to court because they do not want to make your wedding cake.  A business owner should have the right to sell their product or service to whomever they want, whenever they want. When you come in and say "we are more important than your beliefs so you WILL cater to us" - it makes people resent you and your beliefs. That resentment turns to hate as every other day we are bombarded with stories like the homo female marine who faked being stiffed on her tip. That turned out where she had actually been tipped 20% but it did not stop all the homos from screaming from the rafters about how evil the world is to them. All of these things combine together and create a huge roadblock for those of us who DID support your right to be married. There were plenty of us who saw that if you are a man who wants to mary a man - who the fuck cares?!  We worked hard to change those laws and while we are working hard - we still get mud slung in our face.  WHY should we continue to fight for YOUR rights if your are going to continue to abuse us?  It is also very hypocritical who many homos are against polygamist having the right to marry.  If 2 guys or 2 girls can marry, then someone should be able to marry a dozen people if they want but it is amazing how many of you are against that.  It is not my personal choice, but if everyone is equal then, then everyone is equal.  The saddest part of all this, is that you people do not believe you are equal. You people believe that you deserve special treatment.  You are only 4% of the population.  If you keep on kicking the people who you are demanding support from, that support network will grow tired of dealing with you. There is always another shiny cause of the moment to catch the whiny liberal brigades eyes. What will you do then?  Stop biting the hand that feeds you before you get slapped by that hand

Poor Tommy.  I hope he grows up to recognize his mother's limitations, and won't incorporate her bigotry into his life.

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Quite frankly lady, I don't think you should subject your innocent son to your own "lifestyle". So idiotic, I don't understand this illogical paranoia. "We can't have these homosexual people around my perfect little angel, no no no! It'll just ruin his Jesus-like perfection"

-Pansexual anarchist, Georgia

Happy birthday Sophia! You are lucky you have two dads who love and care for you and are free to love each other, as well. Grow up to be a loving child, free to love anyone you choose. Don't let this one mom's view damper the happiness you deserve!

Pre School Teacher In San Francisco

Happy Birthday Little Miss Sophia i hope you had an amazing one. Now to address the other issues. Tommys mom: First things first homosexual does not = sex offender\rapist or child molester. secoundly different strokes for different folks man (no pun intended) people are different let them be and if you need more moral grounding on this might i actually recommend foamy the squirel : gay marrage (this should actually bring things to a perspective of sorts even on the religious standpoint and really ask yourself is what these people are doing really that bad 

I feel so sorry for Tommy, having a Mother like that. Hopefully one day he'll realize that his Mom is just very poorly educated and it's not her fault.

Imagine if Tommy is gay!

Miss Manners does not approve of this response.

More cake for the rest of the party!!! Happy Birthday Sophia! Tommy's lost! ;) 


Hm. 90's flashback to all caps responses. Bad Internet etiquette. Boo.


Sending a birthday invite to a child is not pushing yourself onto others.  I agree that everyone has the right to their own beliefs.  The response this mother gave to the two fathers was rude and uncalled for.  She could have simply declined the invite without saying hurtful things.  I don't understand why you are defending her actions.  Hate speech is far too protected in todays day and age.  You say that we live in a politically correct society, when in fact I believe we now live in a society where political incorrectness is the norm.

p.s. Caps lock does not validate your argument. 

This might have been the only contact this mom had with these two dads, therefore it was her only opportunity to express herself. Yes. She could have declined with expressing her opinion, however, she has every right to express herself. This is NOT "hate speech", btw!  The term "hate speech" is as abused and misused today the same way "racist" is.  When you claim that openly disagreeing with someone's lifestyle is "hate speech", you are grossly affecting everyone who truly IS the victim of hate speech.  Shame on you for demanding "equality" for homos, but telling heteros that they aren't allowed to have a differing opinion.

Thank you!

Well said Matthew.....I would have taken my kids...tye dye...sounds like fun!

Happy birthday from your straight auntie in Cali.....who cares who's giving the party, celebrate life darling!!!!!

Happy birthday, Sophia!!!!!!

I thiink as a gay man, we should try to have empathy for the person who would write such a thing.  By doing so we can teach Sophia how to overcome the negativity inherent in people like this.  One thing is for certain, she'll interact with this vitriol her entire life because if there's one constant in American society-it is that our society is premised upon Hate.  Think about what an amazing birthday present we would give her if we start shifting that premise into love and compassion for the haters.

I am a mother of two girls and this kind of ignorance it so hurtful.  I feel badly for her child, who has to grow up surrounded by at least one ignorant parent.  However I do believe that what Peter said is perfect and is the way to rise about the ignorance.  As a loving mom of a gay daughter I am willing to spread the love to try and eliminate the hate.


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