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Mom Writes Disgusting Homophobic Message On Birthday Invite For Kid With Gay Dads

Updated Saturday, 2:15 p.m. pst

K 98.3, the Long Island, New York radio station that shared the birthday invite seen'-round-the-world, has come forward to admit it was all a hoax. Check out our full update here


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Well, the less neanderthalic bigots at Sophia's 7th birthday party, the better, right?

A mom in Baldwin, New York won't be receiving any Mother of the Year Awards this year (unless they're from Westboro) after scribbling a disgustingly prejudiced message on a birthday party invitation her kid allegedly received. A Long Island radio station has shared a picture that two dads allegedly sent in depicting a response to their young daughter's birthday party. 

Reads the mother's reply to the birthday invite [sic]:

Tommy will NOT attend. I do not beleive in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your "lifestyle." I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way.

"I do not beleive [spelled incorrectly] in what you do"? WTF does that mean? Does the mom think that if she closes her eyes, plugs her ears and stomps her feet, Sophie and her two dads will magically disappear? 

Pet peeves aside, what kind of mother takes her homophobia out on a child? 

We hope Sophia has a fun time celebrating turning a few years older than this anti-gay mom acts.


Wouldnt that teach her that we dont choose to be gay and her god made us this way

Wish there was a way people from all over the world could send her gifts and cards.

LOL, Derek, that's all I could think too. Damn, that poor kid has to miss what's surely going to be the party of the year... 2 gay men throwing their daughter a 7th birthday party... Hell, I want to go!!

Well- lets have the rest of the world speak to her then.  Too bad her kid is going to miss a kick ass party- Gay Dad's really know how to throw down for their Daughters!


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