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The Moment She Found Out She Won RuPaul's Drag Race...

If you have managed to avoid the Internet for the past 14+ hours and don't want to spoil your untouched DVR copy of the RuPaul's Drag Race season 6 finale, then whatever you do, DO NOT click play below. 

I echo the chorus of many others who complain about the RuPaul's Drag Race finale being pre-taped with each of the three finalists filming a "I won" segment, with producers selecting the actual winner's tape the night of the broadcast. There were a few early years when the cat was out of the bag thanks to gossipy queens at the beginning of the season, but after tighter NDA contracts, and a few years of the canned "everyone's a winner" finale taping, doesn't the show finally have enough weight to do an actual live finale episode? RPDR fanboys and girls would kill to finally be able to see a genuine reaction from the winning queen they've been rooting for all season (as you can see in the video below). And *SPOILER ALERT* it's not like Bianca winning the whole thing was a trade secret or anything; you knew from the third episode that bitch had it in the bag. 

Anyway, for the authentic reaction of the newly-crowned America's Favorite Drag Superstar, watch this video:



It won't load in Canada :( 

i cant see anything

I was disappointed when watching "the crowning moment" on Logo.  The crown wasn't even put on Bianca's head!  She was only given the scepter.  Just too weird.  Where was RuPaul's attention to detail? :-( 

The actual crowing took place that evening in Las Vegas. 

Is there anyone outside the US can see the clip?

Won't load here in Prague :(

I totally agree with this article....i sit through the entire season to see  fake is so inauthentic......takes away from genunine reaction and suspense. Thanks for posting this video. I love it.

I also agree that it is beyond time for them to have a live crowning. Thanks Instinct.

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