More Ginger Hunks From Red Hot Calendar Have Been Unveiled

As we previously informed you, Red Hot is back with a new batch of boys for a special edition 2018 calendar.

And in case you missed it, this calendar is celebrating ginger hair, down there!

"This year, the focus is on sticking two fingers up at the stigma against ginger pubes, which are still something of a social taboo.

"Sadly, there is still a lot of hate and bullying surrounding red hair, and this calendar will help show just how sensual ginger pubes can be.

"Bullying and discrimination is a topic Red Hot have admirably challenged through five years of campaigning."

We previously introduced you to a couple of the handsome hunks, shot by photographer Thomas Knights.

And here are a few more of the handsome men featured in the calendar:

As a reminder, proceeds from the calendar will help raise money for the Movember Foundation, which helps to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Head to Kickstarter for more information!



H/T: Attitude