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More Hard-Bodied "Red Hot" Gingers Join Photographer Thomas Knight's Campaign Against Stigma

Back in October we got all hot and bothered over our first peek at photographer Thomas Knight's upcoming "Red Hot" exhibit. Now, as the show nears (it kicks off December 16 in London), Knight is giving us more drool-soliciting imagery to help dismantle the stigma that red-haired men face. 

"[Gingers] are completely emasculated and desexualized in popular culture," says Knight.

"The main thing for me is the huge polarization between the way our society perceives ginger men and ginger women," he adds. "You can name successful redheaded women in Hollywood. But with men, once you’ve said Damian Lewis, you’re stumped. There’s got to be a reason for that, because genetically it should be equal. But it hasn’t been allowed to happen. So I think the whole gingerism thing is a stealth form of acceptable racism that goes on in boardrooms, in authors’ minds. Look at Harry Potter – the redheads are the poor, weak family, the buffoons. If Harry Potter had been ginger, that would have been a different story."

A few more teases of the "Red Hot" show and it seems like Knight has really emphasized his point:



There are plenty of red heads in Texas. I'm sure you already know one!!!!

Hot Ginger




Stunning Indeed.  And those Irish Green Eyes to boot !    

Stigma against gingers? Serious? How utterly silly!!! Thank goodness I grew up in a family that doesn't give two tiddlywinks about race. Besides, I find gingers hot.

These men are absolutely stunning!


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