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Morgan Freeman: The Belief That Being Gay Is A Choice Is 'The Height Of Ignorance'

Morgan Freeman is making the promotional rounds for his film Last Vegas and he spoke with The Daily Beast on the subject of gay rights. 

Interviewer Marlow Stern remarked:

“I know that you're a big proponent of gay rights, and I spoke with Lee Daniels recently who told me it is 'The Civil Rights Movement of our time.'”

“Oh, absolutely it is,” Freeman responded. “I'm in show business and I'm and ex-dancer. I have an enormous number of gay friends. Marginalizing people for that? These people who are ignorant enough to think that being gay is a 'chosen lifestyle?' That's the height of ignorance. It's like saying being black is a chosen lifestyle. Get out of here!”

Morgan Freeman--telling it like it is!


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