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Mormon College Removes Hallmark Gay Marriage Cards From Bookstore Shelves

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We guess Brigham Young University students that want to send well-wishes to their married gay friends and family will have to look beyond the college book store for cards. 

Cards celebrating same-sex marriage were briefly on the shelves at the BYU bookstore on Tuesday, but if you blinked you missed them because they were off the shelves by Wednesday.

See, if you take the greeting cards away, gay marriage won't exist!

The Associated Press reports:

Greeting cards celebrating same-sex marriages turned up at the Brigham Young University bookstore Tuesday.

BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said Wednesday that the cards were placed on the shelves by Hallmark. Jenkins says they were quickly removed when bookstore staff discovered them after photos surfaced online.

She said the outside vendor stocked the shelves without realizing the school wouldn't want to sell the cards.

Acting on same-sex attraction with any form of physical affection is a violation of the school's honor code.

BYU is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has stood behind its belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman despite a growing societal movement in support of legalizing gay marriage.

A call to Hallmark wasn't immediately returned.



I hate when a private institution makes decisions based on the beliefs of the owners.

Thank Jesus Christ for the WTFEver for malls!

They can say it's NOT about religion until they're more than blue in the face but everybody knows that's exactly what's going here.  People like me who are not mormon (and proud of it) and non active mormons see it for what it is.  How long ago was the bible written?  Over 2000 years ago?  Who knew about gay people then.  Times have changed.  Get off your high horse and accept it for what it is.  I am a mother of a gay son and I love him unconditionally.  

But the church sends young 18 year old men to live with other men for two years. Lets really look at what will happen when two "straight" men spend lots of time together 24/7 in a small apartment without any sexual relief in sight. It happens all the time.

Nice to hear things haven't changed at BYU.  When I was there in the 1980s they pulled the Muppet greeting cards from the bookstore because there were complaints Miss Piggy was showing too much cleavage.  Can't have puppets showing too much felt, you know.  I think I should get a medal for surviving that place!

This is just more stupidity from the LDS. It shows their lack of tolerance.


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