Morrissey Says He Would Kill Donald Trump 'For The Safety Of Humanity'

In a recent interview, Morrissey held nothing back with regard to commenting on Donald Trump.

According to a translation by The Hill, when Der Spiegel posed the hypothetical question:

“If there was a button here and if you pressed on it, Trump would die dead [sic]– would you push it or not?”

Morrissey reportedly responded:

“I would, for the safety of humanity. It has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family, but in the interest of humanity, I would push.”

According to Spin, the singer also stated in the Der Spiegel interview:

“Since he has been in power, he has exhausted the world. He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader. He is a vermin.”

Morrissey recently faced public backlash after commenting on allegations made against Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein.



For a long time I wondered by Morissey is still around.  I tried to understand why his mediocre music hold so much appeal.  Finally, it hit me:  this man still has a following with young adults because he, himself is an overgrown teenager.  Every time he opens his mouth he argues like a teenager who has read Richard Wright or J.D. Salinger for the first time.  Whenever he speaks I just wish someone would say, "Shhhhh!  The adults are talking right now."

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