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Moscow Bans Event Condemning Hitler's Murder Of 100,000 Gay Men

Is prohibiting the condemnation of Hitler's actions a tacit endorsement of them?

The meaning of Moscow's decision to ban an event proposed to condemn the murder of 100,000 gay men at the hand of Nazi's during World War II is still being assessed, but one thing is clear: Russia's government really doesn't want gay people to exist in public, even if it means that authorities appear to be applauding the Holocaust. 

The event, which around 20 participants proposed to take place on November 5 in a public square in Moscow, also aimed to ensure that something like the Holocaust never happens again.

Still, the government was not having it. According to organizers, their proposal was denied as Moscow officials worried that honoring gay victims of the Holocaust would come across as supportive of homosexuality. 

"The Moscow authorities are becoming increasingly absurd, and the banning of the rally to denounce the crimes of Hitler and Nazism is more proof of this," said prominent Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev. "The government is approving of Nazi Germany’s genocidal policies."

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Here's the triangle story:

No offence guys but this is a Polish uniform worn in Concentration Camps. Good luck in the protest. 

This is POLISH death- camp clothe!

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