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Moscow Blocks Parade Honoring Eurovision Sensation Conchita Wurst

Unless you live somewhere that's out of the grasp of Internet or satellite TV, you know who Conchita Wurst is. The gorgeous Austrian talent soared like a Phoenix to win Eurovision 2014, the biggest music reality-competition show in the world. Because of Conchita's appearance, she's also won the lion's share of headlines around the globe this week, the latest of which involves Russia (unsurprisingly).

The Guardian has the details:

Citing the risk of violence and the need to "respect morality", Moscow's security department denied an application for the Conchita Wurst March of Bearded Women and Men, which was due to take place on 27 May...

...On Thursday, a representative for Moscow's security department announced that the parade had been rejected.

"We informed them that the event could not take place," Alexei Mayorov explained to Interfax. While the Associated Press reported that there were "concerns [the march] would provoke clashes between gays and their opponents", Mayorov told Interfax that the city's decision rested on their wish to "respect morality in the education of the younger generation".

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