Mother Insists Arrested Son Isn't Responsible For Shooting "Because He's Gay"

This mother apparently hasn't received the memo from Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins and the rest of the "gays are evil monsters" crowd because she swears that her son, accused of wounding two girls in an apartment complex shooting, isn't responsible "because he's gay." 

Jevaun D. Brown, 24, Taleek T. Sistrunk, 21, and Trevor Whitaker, 26, were arrested in connection with the shooting at a NYC apartment complex that left two young girls in critical condition. 

The mother of one of the accused men insisted he's not guilty because "gay people don't shoot kids." 

As much as we'd like our mothers to believe the halo shines brightly above our perfectly coifed hair and freshly-peeled visage, we're fighting for equality, not exceptionalism, and the good comes with the bad. Gay people: we're just like you. But bless this mother's heart.