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Mother Killed 4-Year-Old Son Because She Percieved Him To Be Gay, Says Prosecutor

I enjoy sharing the uplifting notes parents pen to their freshly un-closeted kids from time to time (like this one) on my social media feed. A comment these posts often receive on my Facebook and Instagram, however, sings this refrain: "Love this, but I find it hard to believe that any parent this day and age would anything but love their kid after coming out as gay or lesbian." 

Sweet and well-intentioned of my worldly social network peers, but I always respond with a gentle reminder of the struggles that many LGBT (or even LGBT-perceived) kids still face at the hands of homophobic parents.

An atrocious case in point is making headlines out of Portland, Oregon, where a mother is on trial for murdering her 4-year-old son. The prosecutor involved in the case says a motive can be found in the mother's fear over her son's sexuality. In Facebook messages revealed to the court, Jessica Dutro told boyfriend Brian Canady that her son was going to be gay. "He walks and talks like it," she wrote in one message. "Ugh." She also told Brian that he would have to "work on" Zachary. 

Zachary died on August 16, 2012, when he was taken off the life support that kept him breathing after suffering blunt-force trauma to the abdomen. Evidence also indicates his parents significantly delayed seeking medical treatment for their son upon his injury. 

Brian Canady pleaded guilty to manslaughter weeks ago, and the judge in the mother's trial has ruled that additional web searches of her Internet history is permissible.

Two siblings survived Zachary.

Yep. Still much work to be done.

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Shes not from the philipppines nor have any filipino blood. Shes hawaiian therefore american!

her full name is jessica analani dutro. Dutro is not a filipino surname and so is analani, its not a typical filipino name/surname. You can google it, most results will show you links to hawaii

You married a filipino yet you are so disrespectful in describing and making assumptions about her culture.  I feel sorry for her.  Please tell me, what would a "traditional" Filipino first name be?

My asawa is Filipina..  I was stationed in Asia for a decade...  Lived in Manila for a while...  This is typical of Filipinos, not other Asians such as the Japanese, Chinese or Koreans, who aren't 3rd Country Nationals and are so easy to abandon their own cultures...

The mother of 4 years old son should be executed for being straight! Hope she thinks twice before doing it! This might bring her to death row at prison waiting to be executed...

a four year old is already developed enough to have his own personality, his own language and even his own opinions about people places and things... He has his own social network, and he has his own sexuality.    But is it his fault.   This mother should be removed from caring for any

of her children...   She is a sick woman.  

Execute them! Then erase them from the remaining children's lives

I hope both parents will die. Painfully. Murdering a 4 year old for any reason means you are damaged beyond repair. No room for you on this planet.

I hope that while in prison, they sterilize her, and I mean cut her reproductive organs out while she is wide awake and with NO anesthetic. 

What's even worse is that the kid was 4 years old. How did she know that he was gay? Gay means being attracted to the same sex, so how does walking and talking like he's gay make him perceived as being gay?

I'm with you, Eli!

What is a baklas?

It means "gay" or "homosexual" in Tagalog. You also could've Googled it. Geez.

You could also have just answered without being a complete bitch too.

So you respond to a bitchy comment with an even bitchier comment. What a fantasy world you must live in where everyone is polite to one another online. So naive.

Like Carrie White, eat shit!

The Philippino community is very extreme on the bakla subject though, they are either very accepting or very homophobic.  This is just a very sad reality about our society in general. 

What is ridiculous is she is of Philippine decent which has so many baklas they dont kniw what to do. Since it is genetic it was her genes that probably made the kid gay. I hope she gets the death penalty.

Hi Eli M!

How do you know that she is of Philippine decent?

Her name is "as American as it gets" but she's Asian...  That means she's Filipino...  They name all of their kids American names because they try too hard to fit in...  Mary Beth, Analynn, Esmeralda, Mary Grace etc...  They have the most "white-American"  names they can think of...  It's funny as hell!

It sounds like an assumption. It might be true that she's Asian, but it doesn't mean she's Filipino. Where's the evidence that she's Filipino?

My asawa is Filipina..  I was stationed in Asia for a decade...  Lived in Manila for a while...  This is typical of Filipinos, not other Asians such as the Japanese, Chinese or Koreans, who aren't 3rd Country Nationals (from a Third World Country) and thus aren't so easy to abandon their own cultures just because they think it'll help them be accepted in the world...  An Asian named MaryBeth?  Karen?  Elizabeth?  Sunshine?  Etc...  Again, they try way too hard to fit it and it looks goofy to me...  It's obvious...  So whenever I see an Asian woman with a "lilly" white" American name, I've been 100% correct in "assuming" she is Filipina...  Saem goes for the men...  "Ricky" Eusibio...etc...  Ricky, Fred, Charlie, Kevin, Michael, David, etc aren't Asian names, and this it's comical to see so many Filipinos with "wanna-be" American names...

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