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Mother Who Killed 4-Year-Old 'Gay' Son Sentenced To Prison

We reported back in March on Jessica Dutro, the mother who was accused by prosecutors of beating and murdering her 4-year-old son Zachary because she perceived him to be gay. 

Dutro was found guilty and sentenced to prison on Friday, along with her boyfriend, Brian Canady, who previously pled guilty to manslaughter. 

KOIN 6 News reports:

The jury found Jessica Dutro guilty on all seven counts — one count of felony murder, five counts of murder by abuse and one count of second-degree assault.

Dutro’s daughter was 7 at the time of Zachary’s death. The girl testified she saw both Dutro and Canady commit the deadly beating.

Dutro was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Dutro’s boyfriend, Brian Canady, received his sentence Friday as well. Canady pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the killing.

Canady was sentenced to 150 months (12.5 years) with credit for time served.

A life sentence (minimum of 25 years) for Dutro and 12.5 years for Canady. 

What do you think of their sentences, Instincters?


I think the magistrate had the interest on them or someone from the law side. These people should be dead or rot to jail. I hate people who kill innocent people. No one choses to be gay coz it is a born situation nothing can be changed about that.

This is a bogus sentence! They should get the death penalty in my opinion.

And by the way, looking at her, I'm so glad I'm gay. She looks like this generation's 'Squeaky Frome'.

My dad tried to kill me at that age. He decided I was gay and used his fist to beat me to the point where I could barely breathe, I felt burning sensations in the back of my neck and everything was turning black,  which I assume now was nerve damage. my mom spent her life covering it up and acting like I have just an unexplainable case of depression rather than PTSD from surviving my parents. This shit is real, it happens. 

  I wish the very worst for these people. Not only because I know the kind of pain they have caused the kid, but because he lost his life over it. I hope when they find out what she did, her inmates spay her like the fucking animal she is. 

All I ask is that the prison guards let the other inmates know what these pieces of crap have done and then leave the area for about 15 minutes.

That would take care of the problem :)

Did they go to court saying they were holding onto their "deeply held religious beliefs"?

Fuck that... Beat them to death exactly the way they did that innocent child... Screw paying for them to have a bed and 3 meals then getting out of prison later and getting any freedom

eye for an eye is what we as a country need to start doing to these worthless excuse for a human... 

I'm in no way going to defend these pieces of shit.  At the same time, I don't like the concept of "an eye for an eye", as eventually that would leave the whole world blind.

A quick bullet to the head for each of them.... Why should we house these 2 animals for any length of time... If they were dogs that killed this defenseless child they would have been put down....the 2 animals should receive no less...


Death penalty is appropriate here for once.

Why waste tax dollars on them being in prison at all? If it is without a doubt that they are murderers, let the punishment fit the crime. Instead of setting them up with free cable, free room, and free food, for the next x-amount of years, at the tax-payers' expense, let it go. Let it go. Can't hold 'em in anymore.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it was certainly not enough punishment for committing such a horrific act of violence.  Life without the chance of parole EVER would have been okay but let's face it the best punishment would have been "An eye for an eye".  They should be placed in the general population with the other prisoners and let it be known what their crime was and allow the other prisoners to serve the most "appropriate" punishment that they can.......and I don't believe I need to express what that would be.  Please sterilize both of them so they can never reproduce monsters like themselves.........and god bless the angel that they took from this world

I feel very sorry for the little boy who was unfortunately born to a monster for a mother. Now his soul is free to be reborn into a loving family next time. The mother and her monster boyfriend should serve life sentences for killing a child in a hate crime because he was perceived to be gay.  The absolute worst crimes that could be committed are against innocent children and they should have the harshest sentences.

They both should have received a life sentence. 

I just can't believe that a mother could kill her own child. It's hard to believe in someone killing a child. A mother has the OBLIGATION to keep her child safe. Well, not only the mother, father too. If you have a child you must keep him/her safe.

I just can't believe that a mother could kill her own child. It's hard to believe in someone killing a child. A mother has the OBLIGATION to keep her child safe. Well, not only the mother, father too. If you have a child you must keep him/her safe.

And some people think gays are a danger to children.

25 years and 12 years for killing a kid, a human, a person ??? They deserve a life in prison after they kill a HUMAN , and also they are discriminating. This is non sense , I hope that they get what they deserve in prison .... 

She deserves at least that much prison or maybe life without parole.  How can a mother murder her four year old child because she thinks he is gay?  What an idiot and a monster to boot!

I think the fact that she wasn't thinking with her head is what I meant to say

I the fact that she was thinking with her head completely to beat her 4 year old to death cause she thought that he was gay is out of this world. That young boy was only 4 & had no idea what that was or even if he felt that way. They should be sentenced to death with no question I mean seriously someone can go to prison for life for killing someone & they don't get that much time for killing a 4 year old. Isn't that saying something about the way the law works ..... they more less getting a slap on the wrist & let out early so they can do it again. 

What the heck. I hope that as soon as they get into prison someone shouts out loud what they have done. The prison justice will take it from there.

They both should have spent the remainder of their life in prison. It should be short once the prison population finds out what they did.

wtf is the judge? Is it my imagination or did they get light sentences. The dude pled GUILTY of killing a child. The judge should be fired and case retried. Sickening. Cant help but wonder if gay were not on the table if they would have gotten life in prison or death chair?

Sick bastards!  Whatever happened to "love unconditionally."  Especially a parent's love for a child. These two don't even deserve life.  They should both be executed.  This beautiful, innocent child was brutally beaten to death by monsters!!  Nothing will bring him back, but these two need to experience the torture they put their own child through! NOT HAPPY!   

you want to know what happened to love unconditionally and then you immediately call for another murder.  not saying I have all the answers but that seems strange to me.

There ought to be an aptitude test measuring one's mental health and stability to decide whether or not one is of sound mind to raise, love and support a child. If not instant sterilization....court ordered. Period.

I wish the US would impose a death sentence of "an eye for an eye" on murder and rape cases. This women should be beaten to death.

Hang the Bitch!!!!

I am a firm believer that karma will take care of them and people in prison don't take too kindly to child offenders... I think they should kill both of them just as they killed a child that they perceived to be gay... People really make me sick and I wish that people think that your children are gay #wgaf they may be gay they may not be they are your children and you should love them unconditionally noatter what the circumstances!!! 

They should be executed

Never never ever to be released

No never to be relased

If it was where I live, this cunt would be facing the death penalty, and because of the severity of the murder, she probably woulda got it. Life in prison? Fuck that. Why should my tax payer $$ pay to keep this waste of cum to have a roof over her head and 3 meals a day?  Fuck that. Kill the bitch...I can only imagine the last hours of her sons life. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will do that to her in jail. We can only hope

They should be excecuted. I seen a pic of the little boy named Zachary. No child deserves to be beat like that.

Life in prison  with pictures of their son covering the wall!

not happy with sentence. This cruel beasts should of been executed. Society do not need this scum around!

Seeing as how they are both going to prison, it's a good thing. I would not be surprised if they had an "accident" while in prison. Fellow inmates can handle a lot of things, but injuring a child is a #1 NO-NO. Even if they are able to survive and complete their minimum sentences, it will be a living hell for them. One that is much and well-deserved.

A 4yr old innocent child? Life no parole ...

It should be life imprisonment with no possibility of parole but I'm satisfied by what they got.

You are satisfied by what they got? obviously this was not your child.  You would not be satisfied then.

Not to worry Rob....they will get what they deserve in prison.....what the justice system is not able to do to them....the other prisoners will!

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