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Movie Theater Chain Bans Madonna For Texting

Employees of the Texas-based theater chain Alamo Drafthouse were strictly enforcing an anti-texting policy during the New York Film Festival last week regardless of the face being illuminated in a dark theater by staring at a phone screen. Madonna was one of the culprits apprehended by the theater for allegedly texting during NYFF's showing of 12 Years A Slave, and she may have earned a lifetime ban by the Alamo due to her response to the charges. 

When asked to stop, Madonna allegedly replied by saying, ‘It’s for business … enslaver!”

Theater chain owner Tim League caught wind of the situation and announced the Madonna ban, which apparently can be remedied if she apologizes for the situation. 

What do you think, Instincters? Is this an overreaction on the Alamo Drafthouse's part or should Madonna be held to the same standards as most theater goers? 

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Madonna can come to my theater anytime and text, smoke, drink, have butt sex. I guarantee it my patrons would get over it.

Give her a break! If you had two giant memory foam pillows implanted into your cheeks, you'd likely be snippy and irritable too!


She will never forget the "Alamo" now. Ha ha!

This is why I love my local businesses. Just like that bitch doesn't give a crap, we don't care what you think of yourself. Celeb or not, respect those around you or get the f#ck out. Don't let the door hit you.

alamo always kicks texters and talkers out of their theaters. ALWAYS. they make a big deal of it at the beginning of all showings. they always give one warning and then then boot. it's part of their branding--they've made a bunch of previews to this effect.

There's so many things wrong with this situation and the write-up. If Madonna uses the term enslaver, is she representing herself as a slave?! WTF! And why is there a black man in the image accompanying this piece? More black co-optation?

It's really ignorant how people pick and choose when they want celebrity's to be role models/examples (referring to other comment's) this was an everyday act for the average person (going to the movies) and when someone like Madonna (who in the past has talked about the "problems" of being a famous public figure) does it she should be more considerate of her behavior around people who are not her peer's as these are the people who have the right to and will judge her behavior, In that situation her peer's would not have cared they probably would be doing the same along with her but when you hang with people who might be more interested in the actual movie rather than who you are and what your doing you should be considerate of that. the standards for celebrity's should only be upheld when they are the focus, this kind of behavior is very narcissistic and no one should ever feel entitled that is just crazy in my opinion and i have been a fan of hers from day 1 BUT, i have seen her attitude seemingly change over the year's and not always in a good light but i still love the music and always will.

It's Madonna....come on...she don't give a...I would be honored if Madonna was in my theater. I understand rules are rules but Madonna could buy all the theaters if she wanted to. Give the Queen a break it's not like she is at a public theater all the time.

Granted, it is MADONNA!!!! 

But non-theless, SHE has to abide by the same rules as everyone else. If someone sitting next to her was on their phone TEXTING and chatting, she would be ANNOYED!!!!


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