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Mozilla Employees Ask CEO To Step Down Over Prop. 8 Support

Several Mozilla employees have taken to Twitter asking CEO Brendan Eich to step down in the wake of his personal donations to the Proposition 8 campaign in California. 

Check out some of their tweets!

Eich responded to concerns over his stance on equality within Mozilla on Wednesday.

What do you think of Mozilla employees publicly taking a stand against their CEO and in support of equality?


(H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement)


Unless they are founding members, a CEO is just an employee. Who is the Chairman of the Board? The other board members? This dickhead needs to be purged.  

This is great!  I hope they don't get fired either.  This CEO needs to go!

I hope that they all still have jobs in the near future.   CEOs are not forgiving creatures.   As a rule they are petty, vindictive and uncaring about their "underlings."

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