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Music Superstar Fergie Talks to Instinct on Her Undying LGBT Support

I have been a massive fan of Fergie, both as a solo artist and her work with the Black Eyed Peas. The 8 time Grammy winner has been dazzling us with chart topping hits including "Glamorous", "London Bridge" and my personal favorite, "Big Girls Don't Cry".  After taking an eleven year hiatus musically, she is back where she belongs with her newest (visual) album called Double Dutchess which is set to be released tomorrow.  

She stopped by iPic Theaters last night down at South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan where she premiered her album, enjoyed her line of food and drinks she created with chef Sherry Yard and mixologist Adam Seger (there is actually a MILF drink and it's sooooo good), and spoke with me about her undying love of the LGBT community.

Where did you draw inspiration for this fantastic new album?  

Life!  Everywhere.  So many different subject matters, so many different visuals, so many different experiences.  Just kind of organically going through whatever I was feeling and making it happen and being in the moment.

Any moments that stick out?

I mean... you tell me after you see it!  There's a lot of them, they're all different and I'm sure you've heard musicians say that a song is like a baby or like different babies... obviously not a real baby. Yeah, musical babies are special to you, that's why I wanted to release the whole thing and have a lot of the different sides of me come out.  

What does it feel like to be a gay icon? 

Well... thanks!  I'll just take it as... "I'll be a motha!"  First of all, I am blessed because the LGBT community has gotten me through so many experiences in my life and have been supportive through the ups and the downs.  They have just been loyal so I really thank the community and hopefully they like the new experience!

For more on our girl Fergie, check out her official site