Music Video Feat. A Very Different Iggy Azalea Before She Was Famous Leaks

A promo video featuring Iggy Azalea before she became the quick spitting Aussie-by-way-of-the-American-South international star she is today has hit the Internet. 

The video promoting the then-nascent artist is titled "Nothing Like Me," which is ironic because it's nothing like the fancy Iggy Azalea who's slayed radio in 2014. There are hints of Britney Spears (Slave-era) and Christina Aguilera (XTina-era) and auto-tune replacing any kind of rap lyric. The southern drawl that Iggy has controversially appropriated is on display, however. 

Not long after shooting this video, Iggy switched deals and signed with Grand Hustle Records. It was under their tutilage that she focused on her assets and ditched the auto-tune for rapping. 



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